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"I disagree. La Nina warms the water along the coast, helping to build a high pressure dome over our area. Storms just bounce off of it. That's how," explained Mike.

"How what?" asked Chad.

"How La Nina affects the clouds," answered Mike.

"But, I was talking about the cows," said Chad, disappointedly. Hadn't anyone heard what he was saying?

"I know," replied Mike. "I was trying to explain how La Nina affects the cows by determining which way the wind blows."

"I've never seen a cow face two directions at once-- La Nina or not," disagreed Adam, sleepily.

"Horses do it, too," informed Chad.

"I never knew that," replied Mike, thoughtfully. "I thought only cows did that."

"Face two different directions at once?" asked Adam. "Cows or horses-- it makes no difference. It's still impossible."

"Yeah, horses are just like cows," repeated Chad, happy that for once, he knew something that his brother did not.

"What they teach kids in school these days," mumbled Adam, finally falling asleep. Hating to interrupt sleep that came so hard for their uncle, Mike and Chad promptly ended the debate.

Mike turned off the highway onto the long stretch of main road that led into Twin Yucca. As he did this, Chad spotted a young woman walking along the right side of the road. She was wearing a backpack and lugging a suitcase.

"Slow down," directed Chad, not wanting to pass the girl too quickly.

"Not you too," groaned Mike. "You can't tell me how to drive. Uncle Adam can, but you can't."

"We're going to pass her," warned Chad.

"Pass who?" asked Mike. Chad pointed to the girl on the side of the road. As they passed her, she stopped and adjusted her backpack. Mike slowed the van to a stop.

"What are you doing?" asked Chad.

"I'm going to give her a lift," replied Mike, preparing to get out of the van.

"I saw her first," protested Chad.

"Go on," replied Mike, placing his hands back on the wheel. The van slowly backed up to where the girl stood. Chad stuck his head out the window.

"Want a ride into town?" he offered, his blue eyes twinkling in the sunlight. The girl looked at him and the others in the van warily. "Come on," said Chad, opening the passenger door and jumping down. "I'll put your suitcase in the back."

Even though the girl hadn't yet let go of her suitcase, Chad quickly took it from her hand, and, after opening the sliding door on the side of the van, set it down on the floor. The girl was about to protest that he was stealing her luggage when Chad climbed back in beside his uncle and held the door open for her. Seeing that they already had half of her belongings, she decided to accept the ride.
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