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As Vera talked to the officer, two more squad cars pulled up outside the Overholt house, their red and blue lights flashing. Excitedly, Charlie picked up the satellite phone to call Adam.

"You'll never guess what happened!" began Charlie. "Someone tried to break into the house! I was asleep in bed, and I woke up to find someone trying to pry open my bedroom window!"

"WHAT?!" cried Adam, all at once alarmed. "Are you okay? Should I call the police?"

"They're already here," replied Charlie, trying to calm down. "I'm all right, though I had to lock Daddy in his room for his own protection. We're going to have a hard time getting that door open, because there's no key to the lock!"

"I'm on my way!" said Adam, promptly hanging up the phone.

Five minutes later, Adam drove up to the Overholt house and got out of his old plumbing van. He was greeted by several squad cars, and every on-duty police officer in Twin Yucca. It was a small town, and an attempted break-in was big news-- especially when it concerned one of Twin Yucca's most noteworthy citizens, like Wallace Shipley. Adam made his way into the house and, upon seeing Charlie, hugged her with great relief.

"Are you sure you're all right?" he asked one more time, stepping back to get a better look at her.

"I'm fine," she smiled.

"Adam!" greeted Vera, coming over to the couple. "What do you think about that? An attempted break in! In all the years I've lived here, this has never happened! What do you think the intruder could have possibly wanted?"

"My engagement ring?" suggested Charlie, looking at the beautiful band on her left hand.

"I only gave that to you, last night," pointed out Adam. "I didn't tell ANYONE about the cost of the ring-- not even my own publicist."

Just then, they heard a muffled pounding sound coming from Chuck's room. With the help of a police officer, Adam kicked down the locked bedroom door and helped the dazed occupant into the hall where Vera was waiting to receive him.

As Vera and Charlie led Chuck to the living room, Adam went to Charlie's bedroom and flicked on the lights. On the floor beside the bed, lay an overturned music box-- the one he had sent her just after he proposed. Adam stooped down and picked up the object, careful shutting the lid and placing it back on her nightstand. He went to the window and drew aside the curtains to get a better look at the sill. After testing the locking mechanism, he returned to the living room.

"I'd feel a lot better if you three finished the night at my house," announced Adam, gravely.

"We're going to be all right," assured Charlie. "The intruder didn't get in."

"Thank God," prayed Adam. "Still, I don't like you and Vera living here, practically by yourselves."

"Daddy's here," argued Charlie.

"Chuck is in no condition to be any help, if there's trouble," reasoned Adam, with a look that told Charlie she already knew this.

"Well, we can't very well move into your house," replied Charlie.

"Why not?" asked Adam. "With all the time I'm on the road, I'm hardly home at all."

"If you're not going to be home, then Grandma, Daddy, and I might just as well stay here," rationalized Charlie.

"Then," answered Adam, "I'll get someone to stay here."
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