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"Someone was in the bushes," sighed Adam. "Thank you for getting Charlie out of there, Kevin," said Adam.

"Just doing my job," replied Kevin, keeping an eye out the kitchen window at the backyard. "I should have checked the perimeter," he scolded himself.

"You might want to consider a change of address," suggested Bill. "Do you want me to look around, and see what's on the market?"

Adam looked to Charlie, and Charlie nodded her head in the affirmative.

"Go ahead," said Adam, sorrowfully.

Maggie ran to the living room.

"I'll talk to her," said Jeff, motioning Charlie to stay put.

"Maggie?" asked Jeff, coming to her side. "You don't have to cry. You won't be alone. I'll still be here."

"But, we won't be able to see each other!" sobbed Maggie.

"No, not unless we're married," replied Jeff.

Maggie looked at him in surprise.

"I wasn't planning to propose to you on Adam's living room floor," said Jeff. "I had a romantic setting picked out, and even a speech to go along with it! But, it's time for me to speak up, while you're still here with me. I love you, Maggie. I always have. I want you to marry me, and come live with me and Debbie, at my house. Do you understand?"

"You mean, for keeps?" asked Maggie, hopefully.

"For forever and a day," proposed Jeff, fumbling in his pocket for something. "I've been carrying this with me for the longest time," he said, pulling out a delicate gold engagement ring. "It's not as big as Charlie's but the love that goes along with it is," he said, presenting the ring to Maggie.

Maggie opened her mouth wide with astonishment.

"Oh, yes!" she cried excitedly. "A thousand times, YES!"

A few moments later, Maggie and Jeff burst into the kitchen.

"Charlie, LOOK!" she shouted, thrusting her left hand under Charlie's eyes.

"Maggie!" screamed Charlie for joy.

Both women jumped up and down like schoolgirls, while the men looked on calmly.

"Congratulations," smiled Adam.

"Thank you," said Jeff. "Are they always like this when they're together?"

"Only when we're happy!" exclaimed Charlie, laughing and hugging Maggie. "Have you set a date?" she asked.

"Yes, we have," answered Jeff. "We want to get married, tonight!"
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