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"Kevin, do you have to clear this with Adam, first?" asked Vera.

"Mr. Clark said that I answer to Miss Overholt," replied Kevin, finishing his coffee.

"Adam really said that?" smiled Charlie.

"Yes, he did," replied Kevin.

"Pumpkin, I hope you know what you might be getting yourself into by going into a public place," sighed Vera, a little apprehensively. "At least, you have a bodyguard."

"Don't worry, Grandma, everything will be all right," assured Charlie.

"As to transportation," said Kevin, "the choice is yours, but I prefer to take the landrover."

"Excuse me?" asked Charlie, a little confused. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm referring to the vehicles outside your house," explained Kevin.

"You're mistaken," corrected Charlie. "There's only one vehicle outside, and that's my car."

"I think you had better look out the front window," he advised.

Vera and Charlie got up from the table and went to the living room window. Parked beside Charlie's old used car was a brand new, gray four-door landrover. It had dark tinted windows and looked much more reliable than the little car Charlie was used to driving.

"I don't understand," said Charlie, as Kevin and Maggie joined them in the living room.

"I thought Mr. Paulson [Bill] had already informed you," apologized Kevin. "Yesterday, when I saw your car, I requested this vehicle. It's much more secure and the tinted windows will give some privacy. When we leave today, I would prefer to use this vehicle."

"Oh," said Charlie, a little numbly.

"With your approval," continued Kevin, "I would feel more comfortable if I were the one to drive."

"Has Adam been telling you about my driving?" asked Charlie, trying not to laugh. "Because, I'm a better driver than he says I am!"

"I'm sure you are," conceded Kevin, "but I'm trained in evasive maneuvers, and it would be safer if I were behind the wheel. Adam-- I mean, Mr. Clark, didn't say a word about your driving capabilities. This is purely a security measure."

"All right," resigned Charlie. "If you say so."

The irony was not lost on her. She was just months away from getting her driver's license, only to be given a chauffeur!

"Do you want to come, Grandma?" invited Charlie.

"Gracious, no!" exclaimed the old woman. "I feel sorry for Kevin, for I know I won't be able to keep up with the both of you!"

"Come on, Maggie, let's get ready!" laughed Charlie, as the girls went to her room to change.

While Maggie was using the bathroom, Charlie picked up her satellite phone and called Adam.

"Maggie and I are going shopping in Palm City, today," Charlie told him.

"You girls won't be alone, right? Kevin will be there, too? With the recent break-in attempt, you need to be careful," warned Adam, with the same apprehension in his voice that had been in Vera's.

"Of course," assured Charlie, hearing his hesitation. "I'm not afraid."

"Neither am I... just cautious," he replied.
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