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"Very nice weather, we're having for this time of year, isn't it?" remarked Horace, trying to bring a lighter tone to the conversation.

In fact, it was very typical weather for that time of year, so his remark quickly faded into the silence of the Garners' living room.

"May I see your engagement ring, Miss Overholt?" piped up Becky, suddenly summoning her courage. "I've heard so much about it on television."

"Sure," smiled Charlie, removing the gem from her finger and placing it in Becky's hands. "And, you don't have to call me Miss Overholt. I'm just plain Charlie."

Becky moved the tips of her fingers over the large diamond, feeling it's smooth faceted surfaces and clean edges.

"It's very lovely," remarked Millie, as everyone craned their necks to see the precious gem that nine year old Becky was cradling in her fingers.

In the afternoon sun, it almost seemed as though it were on fire.

"He must love you very much," grinned Becky, handing the ring back to Charlie.

"I believe he does," replied Charlie with a happy smile.

Shirley shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

"I had better see that the caters keep the meal warm until Adam arrives," she said, getting up and leaving the living room.

With Shirley's absence, a general feeling of relief went through the room.

"Charlie, have you and Adam set a date, yet?" asked Sandra, venturing a question of her own.

"Not exactly," replied Charlie, "but I believe it will be sometime in July, for that's when Adam's tour will be over."

"I'm sure you'll be glad when it's all over, and life can get back to normal," remarked Sandra, echoing her own sentiments.

"I suppose," replied Charlie, "that normal is relative to the amount of publicity you're under."

"What will you and Adam do, if your celebrity doesn't die down?" inquired Horace. "No doubt, changes will have to be made. Have you considered a change in location?"

At this, Shirley quickly emerged from the kitchen.

"Turkey sure smells good!" exclaimed Thomas, quickly getting up and shuttling his wife into the next room.

After a few minutes, Thomas and Shirley emerged from the kitchen and took their seats. While they were gone, little else had been said on the matter of moving, for Charlie wisely decided that such news should only be broken to the others, when Adam was present.

"Yes, sir, that turkey sure does smell good," repeated Thomas, a little embarrassed. "I hope Adam gets here soon, or all that will be left is the drumstick!"

At this, everyone smiled. Just then, Charlie's satellite phone rang.

"Please, excuse me," she said, pulling the phone out of her purse.

Shirley leaned forward in her seat.

"Charlie, it's me," said Adam. "I had a flat tire on my way back from the airport, and since I didn't have a spare, I had to call the auto club. Unfortunately, the tow truck is going to be late, so tell Shirley to start without me."

"I think I'll let you do that," said Charlie, smiling politely at Shirley's expectant face. "It's for you," she said, handing the phone to her future sister-in-law.

Shirley quickly took the phone.

"Where on earth are you?" she cried. "We can't hold Thanksgiving meal off, forever! The caterers are getting nervous! [pause] Can't you get a taxi, or something? [another pause] But we always have Thanksgiving, together! [pause] I know you can't help it, but you wouldn't be in this situation, if you hadn't gone down there in the first place! [pause] Yes, I'll save you some turkey!"
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