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It was now mid-April, and Vera heard the front door shut as Charlie returned from an errand at Mullen-Overholt. Kevin, of course, had gone with her. Upon hearing their return, Vera went to the living room, only to find Kevin holding Charlie in his arms. Charlie's face was pale white, and visibly shaken.

"What happened?" cried Vera.

"I don't know," replied Kevin, lifting her onto the sofa. "She was in Mr. Overholt's office, and when she came out, she was shaking like a leaf! I brought her home, immediately."

Vera went over to her granddaughter and rubbed the young woman's hands together.

"Pumpkin?" asked Vera. "What's wrong? What happened?"

Charlie couldn't stop from shaking. Suddenly, her world spun around, and she passed out. When Charlie came to, she saw Vera and Kevin's concerned faces hovering above her.

"Get a wet towel!" Vera instructed him.

The bodyguard disappeared, quickly returning with a damp bathroom towel. Vera dabbed the teenager's face, slowly reviving her.

"Charlie! What happened?" insisted Vera, in a troubled voice.

"I'm sorry," stammered Charlie, getting to her feet. "I shouldn't have fainted."

She made her way to the bedroom and shut the door behind her. Vera glared at Kevin, angrily.

"What did you do to her?" demanded Vera.

"Nothing!" insisted Kevin. "Miss Overholt was fine when she went into your son's office. I can't imagine what happened to make her act like this!"

Vera went to the telephone and called Jerome.

"What happened to Charlie?" Vera asked him, frantically.

"Well, well," sighed Jerome. "I'll send over a nurse to take a look at her. Calm down, Mom."

Jerome's grim personality had little calming effect upon Vera. She went to Charlie's door, and tried to go in, only to find that the teenager's door was locked.

"Charlie," pleaded Vera, "please, Pumpkin, tell me what's wrong!"

After a moment or two, the door opened, and Vera saw Charlie's pale face peering out at her.

"It's all right, Grandma," said the girl, going back to her bed. "I'm just very tired, right now."

Vera wanted to press her for an answer or explanation, but saw that Charlie truly did look worn out. She stepped forward and tucked her granddaughter into bed.

"Jerome is sending over a nurse to have a look at you," she said, consolingly.

Charlie closed her eyes and tried to will herself asleep. Vera tiptoed from the room, and noiselessly shut the door. After a few minutes, a woman in a nurse's uniform knocked on the front door. Evelyn Saunders, the Director of Nursing at Mullen-Overholt stepped inside as Vera thanked her for coming. Then Vera led her to Charlie's room where she turned on the nightstand light.

"Charlie?" asked Evelyn. "Are you in any pain?"

Charlie shook her head, "no," and closed her eyes. After a few minutes alone with the girl, Evelyn went to the living room to talk to Vera.
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