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"I was praying for you!" said Maggie, hugging her friend tightly. "Where were you all that time?"

"I'm so happy you're back!" greeted Shirley, also giving Charlie a hug.

Thomas smiled politely, and hung back with Jeff, who both preferred to not hug the heroine. It had not been explained to the others, save Shirley and Thomas, the reason for Charlie's sudden change of mind over the wedding. The others assumed she and Adam had had a fight, and then made up. While Charlie wanted to confide this news to Maggie, she didn't know how her friend would take the news, and at last decided not to bring it up unless forced to.

Her Alzheimer's test wasn't hard to avoid, for everyone wanted to know about the rescue, and not why Adam and she had "quarreled." Charlie related her adventure to the ready listeners, while Vera filled in any pertinent details that she left out.

"How badly is your ankle hurt?" asked Shirley, examining the bandages with a critical eye. "Maybe you should see our family doctor. She did wonders for Mike two years ago, when he broke his leg."

"I'm told it's a mild sprain," smiled Charlie, "but I never would have known it by the pain. My ankle is still a little tender, but it's getting better every day. How is the baby, Maggie? Do you know if it's a boy or girl yet?"

"It's a boy!" replied the expectant mother, with a radiant smile. "Jeff and I are still trying to pick out names, but we just can't decide."

"There's no need to rush it," laughed Jeff.

"Thought you might want to keep this as a souvenir," said Thomas, handing Charlie a local newspaper with a headline reading, "Charlotte Overholt Heroine!"

"While you were away," informed Shirley, trying to move on to more urgent business, "Adam insisted that I continue with the wedding preparations, even when you called it off. Because of that, I've had to make a lot of decisions, myself. However, there was one thing I couldn't do, and that was to pick out the wedding gown. If you're up to it, I'd like to make an appointment at the wedding boutique for tomorrow. We really should do it as soon as possible, because there are sure to be alterations, and you want to have it done in time for the wedding next month."

"Thank you for all the work you've done, Shirley," said Charlie, gratefully. "I'm sorry I wasn't here to help."

"That's all right," said Thomas, with a big grin. "She was just happy there wasn't anyone here to contradict her decisions!"

Shirley flashed him a why-did-you-say-that look.

"Well, honey," said Thomas, "you know it's true. This wedding is happening just the way you wanted it."

"I'm happy to help out, in any way I can," explained Shirley, a little embarrassed. "But, this is your wedding, Charlie. If there's any changes you want to make, please let me know. I realize I have the habit of taking control, so don't be afraid to speak up, if I overstep myself."

"You've been doing a wonderful job," assured Charlie, who didn't have the courage to go against her future sister-in-law's arrangements, even if she wanted to.

"We're all very grateful to you," thanked Vera.

Shirley sent Thomas back to their car to get a crutch Mike had used when his leg was broken, for they had heard that Charlie had lost hers to a fan.

Mrs. Jacobs set out lunch on top of Vera's bed, and everyone helped themselves to the delicious food she had prepared. After they had eaten, and good byes had been made, the small party left.

"If you need anything," Mrs. Jacobs had said, "just let me know."

"Don't forget," Shirley added, just before departing, "tomorrow we shop for your wedding gown!"

Charlie settled back on her bed, and rearranged the pillows under her foot. As she did this, she noticed a sheet of paper Shirley had left for her on the bed. Curious, Charlie picked it up.

"'Homes on the Market in the Mojave,'" she read out loud.
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