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The tiny town of Drywell consisted of a forlorn restaurant with a weather-beaten sign proclaiming that it was air conditioned. As Kevin turned off the paved road onto a bumpy dirt path, the famous musician smiled in spite of himself. Lonely buildings in the middle of nowhere, ghost towns, and meandering dirt roads-- it all sounded like the plot to an old western movie, and not the reality of his own life.

"That's new," commented Charlie, craning her neck to get a good view of the chain link fence that blocked the road just ahead of them.

"I think you'll find that Mr. Garner has been very busy," said Kevin, stopping the car and getting out to unlock the gate.

"See that building?" pointed Charlie, excitedly. "That's Villa Rosa!"

"It's bigger than I thought it would be," mused Adam, somewhat intrigued by the rose hued sandstone walls.

To the right of the estate, Charlie saw a medium sized prefabricated house, or mobile home, as it is more commonly called. The prefabricated house consisted of two separate halves that had traveled there on the back of flatbed trucks, and then joined together to form a complete unit. A small metal shed housed the generator, and a large tank of water stood in readiness for its new owners. Thomas came out of the house and greeted the car as it pulled up.

"Welcome to your new temporary home!" he exclaimed, as Adam helped Charlie out of the air conditioned car and into the baking heat of the desert. It was hotter than she had remembered, but it was August, and the summer was at it's hottest intensity.

"Uncle Adam!" shouted a boy's voice, as Chad burst from the house and ran to meet his uncle.

"How've you been, Chad?" asked Adam, not content for the handshake the boy offered, and instead embraced him as a son. "I've missed you. Not just while I've been away for the last few weeks, but also during the tour. It's really good to see you!"

"Are you home to stay?" asked the boy, hopefully.

"Home to stay," repeated the uncle, hugging his nephew once more.

"Let's get out of this heat," said Thomas, as Chad tagged closely to his uncle.

Charlie followed behind, as Thomas showed them into the sparsely furnished house he had prepared for the newly married couple. The house consisted of a large main room, two small bedrooms, a kitchen, and a modest bathroom. It wasn't much, but at least the restaurant in Drywell now wasn't the only air conditioned building in town. Two folding chairs sat near the wall, while the sound of the air conditioner hummed in the background.

Kevin carried his bags to one of the two bedrooms, and then returned to the car for Adam and Charlie's things.

"If you'll tell me what you want from home, I can get it for you," said Thomas, addressing Adam. "The paparazzi are camped outside your old home right now, so unless you don't mind being spotted, you should let me go in your stead."

"Could you somehow get the piano in his music room?" asked Charlie, joining in on the conversation.

"Charlie," debated Adam, "as much as I want my piano, it would take up too much room."

"You need your music," she insisted. "I want you to have your piano while I'm busy with Villa Rosa. Can you honestly tell me you can do without your music for the next so many months?"

Adam couldn't; he longed to get behind the piano once more, and to immerse himself in the world that his music created.
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