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Chapter Fifty-one
They Went Thataway (Part Two)

"Thou [God] compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways."
~ Psalm 139:3 ~

The second day of their Alaska drive, everyone woke up to a cold August morning. The skies were overcast and drizzle occasionally pelted the travelers as they climbed into their SUV.

"Where do you want to go for breakfast?" asked Adam, as Kevin started the engine and backed out of their hotel parking space.

"We'd better not go inside any restaurants," reminded the bodyguard.

"I suppose we should just find a drive-through and eat in the parking lot," nodded Adam, as a still-sleepy Charlie rested her head against his shoulder for a little more shuteye.

While they were receiving their order in the drive-through, Adam tried to keep his face turned away from the woman at the window. But as she leaned forward to hand Kevin their bags and drinks, Adam momentarily forgot, and looked up at her to say thank you. The second that surprise crossed her face, Adam knew he had made a mistake.

"You're not--" she gasped in shock. Any questions as to his actual identity were quickly dispelled as Charlie stirred to see what was going on. "It IS you!" cried the woman in delight, quickly recognizing Charlie's face as well.

With a low groan, Kevin shook his head while Adam autographed a napkin for the fan. Before she had a chance to call over another coworker, the SUV left.

"That wasn't good," sighed Adam, as they made their way back to the Alaska Highway, for Kevin had not wanted to stick around and risk exciting even more attention from the restaurant employees.

"Until now," said Kevin, "we've been getting away with you not being spotted, only because people didn't expect to see you here. Now the situation has changed."

"We should lie low for a few days," suggested Chad, unable to shake the broad smile he was wearing. He never knew being famous was so much fun!

"But, what about our drive?" protested Adam, in an exasperated voice. "I thought we were here to see the Alaska Highway!"

"I don't mind!" piped up Chad, opening their take-out bags and passing out the food while it was still hot.

"It's your call, Mr. Clark," said Kevin, locating a place to pull off the road so he could quickly eat. "I suggest that we get a few miles between us and Fort Nelson, though."

Charlie unwrapped her food and smiled at Adam.

"I shouldn't have looked up," he scolded himself.

"At least you're not forcing everyone to sleep in hotels because someone wants to kidnap you," she joked.

"That's not funny," responded Adam. "I just made things a little more dangerous for you, Charlie."

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