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Even though Charlie was a child at the time, it had been obvious to her that Chuck lusted Morgan. She had seen the intimate way he had of looking at her, and had known that they were having an affair, though Chuck had been careful not to do anything in front of his impressionable little girl. But as intense as Chuck's feelings were for Morgan, Charlie recalled the way their desire seemed to fade with time. There had been no love, and since there was no stronger bond between them than lust, the relationship had not withstood the test of time.

But, Adam wasn't her father (in his unrepentant state), and she wasn't Morgan. Gratefully, Charlie hugged Adam's arm as the SUV traveled down the highway. No, she and Adam were different. She yearned to see that same kind of godly love still kindling in Adam's eyes, after years had passed and people had assumed that desire had faded. Charlie rested her cheek against his shoulder and sighed. If only she had a future like that, ahead of her.

When she continued to be silent, Adam peered down at her face.

"You're not thinking about Alzheimer's, are you?" he guessed. "Charlie, please, try to be happy."

Seeing an opportunity to cheer his aunt, Chad suddenly spoke up,

"Your Dad will be all right in Twin Yucca, Aunt Charlie. You don't have to worry about him."

Suddenly realizing that he had made a slip of the tongue, Adam sadly smiled at Chad. No one had told his nephews of Charlie's inheriting AD, and it pained him to keep it from them. Adam knew the time would eventually come, but not now. There was enough pain in the family for the boys to deal with right now, without adding to their present distress.

"I am happy, Adam," whispered Charlie.

Adam responded with a tight squeeze to her hand, and planted a kiss on the crown of her head.

"I'll do my best to make you even happier," he promised her in a hushed voice. Realizing that Chad was following their conversation closely, Adam left off saying anything further.

"In another hour, we should reach Whitehorse," announced Chad, in an authoritative voice. Even though Adam had jokingly bestowed Chad the title of "official holder of the map," Chad had taken it seriously, and was enjoying the responsibility.

"We've done a lot of driving, today," yawned Adam. "How far along are we on the Alaska Highway, Chad?"

"About halfway," replied the boy.

"Really? As far as that?" mused Adam.

"Mr. Clark when we reach Whitehorse," said Kevin, checking his rear view mirror out of habit, "we need to find a place to stay for a few days, as you wanted. I could ask around town, but that would mean I have to leave you on your own."

"I'll look after things," Adam willingly conceded.

"And I'll keep a lookout for anyone suspicious," Chad quickly added with an excited grin.

"I almost forgot," smiled Charlie, "but who gets to pick the restaurant, tonight? If I remember correctly, the score was one to nothing in Chad's favor."
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