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Chad sighed wearily as he noticed Blair smiling at him once again. He was starting to appreciate those many times when Mike had complained about attracting too much attention from the opposite sex. Blair couldn't know this, but she was wasting her time. Chad had already made up his mind, that if he were ever going to be sweet on a girl, that it would be Becky, Sandra's little blind sister. He had even extracted a promise from Becky not to marry anyone else, for he intended to ask her, himself.

To his annoyance, Blair didn't seem to discourage easily, so Chad found a vacant spot beside his aunt and resumed fishing.

While Kevin's business face was meant to dissuade the boys and their father from coming too close to Charlie, it also deterred Blair from following Chad. The girl finally gave up pursuing the blond headed boy with clear blue eyes, and went back to join her dad.

As the morning wore on, Adam prepared to take his family back to the cabin. He was beginning to notice the looks the father was giving Charlie, and Adam didn't appreciate it. Of course, the man didn't know she was Adam's wife, but Adam didn't think any man should be looking like that at a woman-- unless, of course, he was married to her.

Just as Adam was about to make an excuse that would allow them to leave without these strangers following, Adam's satellite phone went off.

"Excuse me," he said, retreating a few steps away to answer the call.

"Adam, it's Shirley," said his sister, in a voice that immediately told Adam that she had been weeping. "Thomas collapsed at Villa Rosa while they were lifting out the old floor," she related to him. "An ambulance took him to the Twin Yucca Community Hospital, and that's where I am now."

"Do you know why he collapsed?" asked Adam, in a concerned voice. Adam's shock over Thomas' health was compounded by the surprise that he was still working on Villa Rosa. As far as he and Charlie were concerned, Thomas was no longer a part of the restoration efforts.

"They're still trying to figure that out," replied Shirley, trying to keep her voice from shaking as badly as the rest of her was. "One of the doctors said it had something to do with his heart. Pray, Adam," begged his sister, "please!"

"I will," he soberly promised. "Do you want me to bring Chad home? When he hears this news, I don't think I can stop him from returning."

"I think Chad should be here," decided Shirley. "If something happens to Thomas..." her voice quickly stopped, for the rest of the thought was too painful to speak out loud. Then Adam could hear Mike's voice in the background. "I'm talking to him right now," he heard Shirley say. "Adam, Mike wants to speak to you," she announced.

Then Adam heard Mike's strained voice on the phone.

"Chad should come," advised Mike, echoing his mother's sentiments. "I'm scared, Uncle Adam."

Adam could hear the plea in his nephew's voice, not only for Chad's return, but for his as well.

"We're coming," comforted Adam. "I don't know how soon we'll be back, but I'll do everything I can to make it as soon as possible. We'll be praying for your father. Keep trusting God, Mike."

"I will," he replied, in a trembling voice.

"I'm coming as soon as I can," Adam tried to assure his nephew.

"Okay," sniffed the young man.
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