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After they had gained enough altitude to unbuckle their seat belts, Adam guided Charlie to the furthest end of the plane. He turned off the small overhead lights above their seats, and eagerly embraced her in the semi-darkness.

"Adam," she mumbled between kisses, "we're not alone."

"I know," he breathed, claiming her mouth once more.

"Please," she begged, pushing him away and nervously glancing up the aisle where Kevin was dozing in his seat. "We can't do this on the jet, Adam."

With a small groan, Adam leaned back and gazed longingly at Charlie.

"I suppose you're right," he slowly conceded.

Gratefully, Charlie smiled in relief. She would have gladly hugged him, but under the circumstances, she was afraid it might set off another round of passionate kisses. Instead, Charlie grasped his hand and Adam squeezed it tightly.

"I can't believe you got up in front of all those people and played my song," Charlie whispered in amazement. "Adam, you should have seen their faces. They were having such a good time."

Adam moved her clasped hand to his lips, and kissed each finger that intertwined with his. Charlie could hear the longing build in his breath, and realized she had to put a stop to his desire.

"Would you cool off?" she sighed, trying unsuccessfully to remove her hand from his. "Adam, I mean it!"

"Charlie," he whispered lovingly, "you're driving me crazy with that perfume."

"As if you needed perfume to go crazy," she softly laughed.

With a sigh, Adam watched as Charlie found a comfortable place to rest her head on the back of her seat. She gazed at him sleepily, looking more beautiful in the evening dress than Adam thought she had a right to. He watched her chest slowly move up and down with each small breath, and then her eyes slid shut. As she drifted to sleep, Charlie could feel the touch of Adam's fingers, softly stroking the back of her hand.

The next time Charlie awoke, she was alarmed to find the cabin mostly empty.

"Adam?" her voice broke through the noise of activity outside the jet.

"I'm right here, Charlie-girl," he answered, taking long strides down the aisle to her seat.

"Are we home yet?" she asked groggily.

"No," smiled Adam, tucking his tuxedo jacket around her, "we're refueling. Go to sleep, Honey. I'll wake you when we're in Twin Yucca."

"Okay," she yawned.

With a twinge of envy, Adam watched as his wife fell asleep once more, and wished he had the same gift of being able to rest anywhere. He recalled Charlie once saying that she was a light sleeper, but he no longer believed it.

To Charlie, it felt like five minutes later, when Adam gently shook her shoulder and announced that they were in Twin Yucca. While Adam and Charlie descended the steps, Kevin helped the steward move their baggage into Adam's SUV.

"It must be so late," she murmured sleepily.
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