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When Jeff saw how mysterious Maggie had suddenly become, he laughed out loud. "Better look out, Adam," he advised his friend. "The ladies are up to something!"

After thanking everyone for their help, Adam closed the gate and helped Vera clean up the napkins and paper plates from lunch. When Adam announced he was going to look for Charlie, Vera tried to stop him.

"She's gone to so much trouble," pleaded Vera. "Let her show you when she's ready."

"All right," he conceded with a disappointed sigh. "If you say so."

Now that Kevin was no longer in demand, he retired to the living room and fell asleep in front of the television with Chuck. Vera kept busy in the kitchen, and then went to her bedroom for a nap. Compared to the first half of the day, it was a lazy afternoon.

Outside, Adam waited for Charlie in the nearby shade of some palm trees. He couldn't figure out what she was up to, and was seriously considering going after her, if she didn't show up within the next half hour. Just as his watch was approaching time, Charlie appeared in the doorway of the main house.

"Where have you been?" he asked, getting up and coming to her for an explanation.

"I was busy," she stammered, obviously not trying to lie, but maintain her secrecy at the same time. "Have Maggie and Jeff gone home, already?"

"They left over an hour ago," replied Adam.

"Oh?" She looked disappointed. "I didn't get a chance to thank them for all their help."

"I was going to come get you so you could do just that, but Maggie seemed to think I should leave you alone," informed Adam. He sighed as a cryptic smile tugged at the ends of Charlie's mouth. "What have you been doing?"

"If you'll just give me five-- no, wait-- better make that fifteen more minutes," requested Charlie, "then I'll show you." She laughed excitedly as Adam looked at her quizzically. "You'll like it," she promised. Without waiting for him to respond, Charlie disappeared inside the mobile home and then emerged with a brown paper bag under her arm. "You won't follow me, will you?"

Even though he was hot and muggy, Adam couldn't help smiling at the expressive brown eyes gazing back at him. "Fifteen minutes," he warned with a playful wag of his finger, "but not a second longer! After that, I'm coming in after you!"

With a girlish laugh, Charlie ran to the main house and closed the door after her.

When Adam realized he was grinning ear to ear, the musician shook his head in utter defeat. He was glad Shirley wasn't here to see Charlie reduce him to silly grins with just one look.

When his fifteen minutes were up, Adam went to the front door and was about to reach for the handle, when it suddenly opened. Charlie's beautiful face beamed back at him, and Adam let her take him by the hand. They passed the entry way, and right through the courtyard. Adam didn't have time to look around, for Charlie was heading straight for their master bedroom.

"Are you ready?" she asked, her face smiling so hard Adam thought she might hurt herself.

"I've been ready for the past hour and fifteen minutes!" he exclaimed.
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