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Adam looked to Shirley.

"I think she went to lie down for a while," shrugged Shirley.

Frowning, Adam left the crowded kitchen and walked across the courtyard to their master bedroom. He was surprised to find it locked.

"Charlie?" he called, jiggling the handle to get her attention. "Open the door!"

Everyone in the kitchen was startled when Adam came back from the courtyard, his face looking troubled. "The bedroom door is locked, and Charlie isn't responding," he frowned. "Vera, where's the keys to all the indoor locks? I can't remember where we put them."

"In the drawer," motioned Vera, as Adam went to retrieve the key he needed.

"Do you think she's sick?" wondered Maggie in concern, coming to the kitchen doorway at the sound of Charlie's name being mentioned. "Do you think she's all right?"

"He doesn't know, Maggie," Jeff tried to quiet his wife. "Do you want any help, Adam?"

"No, I found the key I'm looking for," replied Adam, shoving the drawer closed with a loud thud. He didn't think there was cause to be too concerned, but the locked door made him uneasy.

Unsure if Adam would feel they were intruding on a probable private matter between husband and wife, the guests at Villa Rosa remained near the kitchen but watched to see what was happening. Vera, Shirley, and Maggie, however, didn't feel such constraints, but went with Adam to the master bedroom.

When the door swung open, Adam went inside while the women followed hard on his heels.

Upon finding the bedroom empty, Adam jerked the white drapes aside and looked through the sliding glass door. "She's out there," he sighed in relief. The cold December air chilled Adam as he stepped into the enclosed garden. By the light of the moon, he could see Charlie's feet peering from the shade tree's dark shadow. While her feet were visible, the rest of Charlie was hidden from view.

"Charlie?" he called to her. "What are you doing out here? Why didn't you open the door when I asked you to?"

When Adam heard Charlie's unsteady voice, he knew she had been crying. "Sorry," she quietly responded. "I didn't hear you."

"Ladies," Adam turned to Vera, Shirley, and Maggie, "would you give us a few minutes?"

After they left, Adam shut the door, and returned to the garden. As he neared the shadow huddled against the tree, he heard the muffled sounds of someone crying.

"Honey?" Adam sat down beside his wife on the damp grass, and put a concerned hand on her back. "What's wrong?"

He heard Charlie gasp for breath, before making any attempt to respond. "I just needed to be alone for awhile."

"Even from me?"

Charlie was silent.

Before she turned her head away, Adam could faintly see the sheen of tears on her cheeks. "I wish you'd tell me what's wrong," he coaxed, rubbing her back affectionately.

"If I asked you something," wondered Charlie, "would give me an honest answer?"
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