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"I know about your diagnosis," sighed Vera, "but obviously, your doctor was wrong."

Adam forced himself to take a deep breath. "When I saw Charlie gazing at Maggie's baby, I didn't tell Charlie, but I went back to the doctor and I had several more tests done. I can't father children, Vera. It's an impossibility."

Vera opened her mouth but was so stunned, that she closed it without saying a single word. By now, Mrs. Freemont was listening. She couldn't help but hear, for she was standing at the stove, quietly stirring a pot of sauce for dinner.

Suddenly, Adam jumped to his feet and slammed the table so hard that Vera was afraid he might break his hand. "I don't care!" he yelled angrily. "I don't care if a hundred doctors tell me it's impossible-- that baby is mine! Charlie would never do that to me! I know her! If I don't know my Charlie-girl, then I don't know anyone!" Adam's chest was heaving, and his eyes flashed at Vera with such vehemence, the old woman could only stare. "Tell me I'm right!" Adam pleaded helplessly. "Tell me I'm a terrible person for doubting her for even a second!" Tears were coming to Adam's eyes and he gritted his teeth. "That baby is mine," he breathed. "No one is going to say differently!"

Numbly, Vera wiped the table with her dishtowel. "My granddaughter loves you."

"She does," Adam quickly affirmed. He wiped his tears and clenched his jaw resolutely. "I'd better go to her. You said she's crying?"

Vera nodded.

"Okay," Adam forced himself to inhale deeply. His heart kept screaming that Charlie would never be unfaithful, but the guilty look he saw in her eyes when she told him that she was pregnant, haunted him. What if he hadn't been enough to make Charlie happy, and she had sought someone else's arms-- someone younger-- someone able to satisfy her. Hating himself for these thoughts, Adam struggled to fight back his fears. Charlie had been visiting Dave a lot lately, and Vera had warned him not to let such a good-looking young man into their midst. What if Dave had been too much temptation for Charlie? Gritting his teeth, Adam violently forced his jealously aside. He didn't care what sight told him. He didn't care that reason sounded so persuasive. He trusted Charlie. It simply came down to trust. Even though he couldn't explain Charlie's pregnancy, he trusted her.

Calmer now, Adam smiled bravely at Vera. "Don't tell her," he requested. Then he turned to Mrs. Freemont. "Please, don't tell anyone what you heard me say. Charlie doesn't deserve my distrust."

Mrs. Freemont nodded. "I agree with Vera," the housekeeper put in her opinion. "Charlie hasn't cheated on you."

"I know," Adam breathed quietly. As he crossed the courtyard, he could hear Charlie weeping in their bedroom. Taking a deep breath, Adam pushed open the door and found his beautiful young wife on the bed, sobbing into her pillow. She looked about as helpless as he was feeling.

With compassion, Adam crawled onto the bed and turned Charlie over so she was facing him. "Don't cry," he soothed, brushing away her tears with his gentle hand.

"It's all my fault!" she wept.

Adam swallowed hard, but continued to cling to his trust in Charlie. Unless she told him outright that she had been unfaithful, he refused to believe it.

"My fault!" she wept again.

"What is?" asked Adam. "Why are you crying, Charlie?"
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