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"I think I know why God gave you such a happy home-life," reasoned Dave. "He knew you'd need to draw on that strength, so you could be Wallace Shipley. I admire you for that, but I also recognize the sacrifices you've had to make. I reckon I'll make my contribution by teaching others, and not by selling albums." Dave touched his composer's notebook wistfully. "I'd still like to compose in my free time, though. Maybe, one day, I'll find a record label willing to take on a musician who doesn't want fame."

"When the time comes," grinned Adam, "I can help you with that. I've been there, myself. Just watch out, or you'll become famous before you know it."

Dave smiled understandingly. "I'll keep that in mind."

"When will you be leaving?"

"They'd like me to start this winter term."

Adam nodded and sighed heavily. "You're going to be missed around here. I've come to rely on you, not only as a secretary, but also as a friend. If you ever need any references, use my name. I'll stand up for you, any time."

"I appreciate everything you've done for me," acknowledged Dave, gratefully. "You've treated me as a real friend, and I'll never forget it."

"The pleasure was mine, Dave," Adam extended his hand to the man.

After shaking hands, Dave retired to his bungalow.

A little sadly, Adam closed the music room. He felt as though he was losing a good friend, and yet, he understood that life must move on.

Still contemplating Dave's decision, Adam went to the master bedroom where Charlie had just finished changing into her nightgown. As he sat on the edge of the bed to pull off his shoes and socks, Wally jumped onto the mattress to find a good place to lie down.

"Get down," Adam told the dog. "You know you aren't allowed to sleep up here, Wally."

"Please, Adam?" begged Charlie. "Just for tonight?"

Between Charlie's beautiful face and Wally's wagging tail, Adam knew he was outnumbered. "I give up," he sighed wearily. "But I don't want that dog thinking she can sleep up here anytime she wants."

"She won't," Charlie assured him.

Adam wasn't convinced, but he was too preoccupied with his thoughts to put up much of a fight. "I just had a talk with Dave, and he's leaving soon."

"Oh?" asked Charlie. She didn't sound too surprised, and Adam looked at her over his shoulder as she turned down the covers.

"Are you going to miss him very much?" wondered Adam.

Charlie hesitated before answering. "I hope you're not testing me, to see what I'll say."
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