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John watched the monitor screen as Dr. Williams moved the wand from one place to another, to see the development of the fetus.

"Is the baby all right?" asked Izumi, seeing that the doctor was remaining silent.

"Hold on," muttered the woman, carefully examining the images with an expert eye. Then a strange look crossed her face. "I know why you're showing so early," she smiled. "Look, I'll show you. Here's your baby's head. Over here, in this area, is another baby, and over to the right of the screen, is a third fetus. Izumi, you're carrying triplets!"

John opened his mouth in dumbfounded disbelief!

"Are you sure?" asked Izumi, stunned by the news.

Dr. Williams spent the next ten minutes, pointing out features on the three babies, so Izumi and John could see for themselves. John hugged his wife, who was crying tears of joy.

"Triplets!" exclaimed John, with a broad smile.

"Before you get too excited," cautioned Dr. Williams, "I should warn you that at such an early stage, one or more of the fetuses could be reabsorbed by Izumi's body. It's not uncommon with a multiples pregnancy."

Izumi grabbed John's hand for support. They had already endured the death of one child, and were hoping that God would spare these three.

"Izumi," continued the doctor, "your chart says that you're thirty-seven. Is that correct?"

"I turned thirty-seven just this June," answered Izumi, still clutching John's hand for comfort.

"This pregnancy was already going to be a difficult one," said Dr. Williams. "Given your age and past medical history, I think we should exercise all possible caution. Carrying triplets can be hard on a young woman, let alone one in her late thirties."

"What do you suggest?" asked Izumi.

"Several things, but namely, bed rest," replied the doctor. "I'd like to see you beginning bed rest sometime in mid August."

"You mean, she has to stay in bed for six months?" exclaimed John, not sure if he had heard her correctly.

"It's for the babies," reminded Dr. Williams. "When it becomes hard or tedious, just remember that you're doing it so the babies will have the greatest possible chance for survival. It's going to require a lot of support from every member of your family, but it IS for the best. I know I just warned you about the possible reabsorption of fetuses, but you might want to prepare the baby nursery before your period of bed rest begins. I don't want you moving around more than absolutely necessary. I'm talking about walking to the bathroom, and showering every other day."

Izumi was silent with raptures of joy, mingled with unspoken prayers of safety. Then the obstetrician discussed with the mother about other ways to safeguard her pregnancy. When it was over, John and Izumi walked back to their car in the parking lot, still numb from what they had just learned.

"Triplets," breathed John once more, as he fumbled for the car keys in his pocket. "I still can't believe it! Who would have ever thought that we'd have triplets! I can't think of anyone in my family who has had twins, let alone three all at the same time!"

John opened the car door for Izumi, and she got in.

"You hear about this kind of thing happening to other people," continued John, climbing behind the wheel, "and then out of the clear blue, it's suddenly happening to us! Triplets!"

Izumi let John talk on the way home, trying to listen to what he was saying, but frequently drifting into thoughts of her own. As thrilled as she was about this news, Izumi realized that it was going to be a test of not only patience, but their confidence in a God Who would not give them more than they could bear. Izumi remembered what had happened to Grace, their second child, and the funeral that she had struggled to attend. It had been a hard time for the Johannes family, but God had brought them through it.

As John continued to talk, he noticed that his wife was calm and thoughtful.
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