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Just then, Jake heard footsteps coming up from behind him. He swerved around, only to find Abby staring at him with a bewildered look on her face.

"Calm down," she soothed him, taking a few steps forward and gently prying the broom from his hands. "Go get in the jeep."

"I-- I," Jake stammered, "I didn't mean to hurt him."

"It's all right," soothed Abby, "you didn't. We know you're sorry. Go get in the jeep, and wait for me there," she repeated firmly. "I'll take care of this."

Dennis watched as the young man slowly walked off.

"I'm sorry he scared you," apologized Abby, trying to smooth things over with this stranger. "You just surprised him. He doesn't like physical contact."

"They should hang a sign around his neck to warn people," muttered Dennis. "That guy's crazy!"

"Jake has his problems, but he's not crazy," said Abby.

"You could've fooled me," muttered Dennis, picking up his tackle box.

He was about to walk away, when Abby stopped him.

"Are you going to press charges?" she wondered.

"What do you mean?" asked Dennis.

"Jake is on parole," explained Abby. "If you press charges against him, he could go back to prison."

"Prison, huh? Maybe that's where he belongs," he replied, coldly.

"Jake was raped in prison," said Abby. "Would you send him back to that-- just for frightening you?"

"What are you, his guardian angel?" asked the man, noticing for the first time the deep pools of blue that were staring expectantly at him.

"Jake is my friend," replied Abby. "He also happens to be my husband."

"I see," sighed Dennis, his indignation dying down. "Well, you can go back to your husband, and tell him that Dennis Beckman won't press charges."

"You're Dennis Beckman?!" exclaimed Abby, in surprise. "I'm so happy to meet you! Mr. Winkler has told me a lot about you!"

"Are you Abby Johannes?" asked Dennis, with a smile. "I was told there was a crackerjack angler here that I just had to see for myself."

"It's Murphy now," laughed Abby. "I got married over the weekend."

"Congratulations," said the man, somewhat insincerely, for he had just met the groom.

"Jake takes getting used to, but he's harmless," she replied with a shrug. "After what he put you through, the least we can do is invite you to dinner. Do you have anything planned for tonight?"

"No, I don't have any plans," answered Dennis, "but I wouldn't want to impose. Since you and Jake are so newly married, you guys probably want to be by yourselves."

"Jake and I are married in name only," explained Abby, a little awkwardly. "It's really no imposition at all."

"Then, I'll come," he replied, intrigued by this beautiful young woman who had just married an ex-con who didn't like to be touched.

"Great!" said Abby. "Is pizza all right with you?"

"It's fine," shrugged Dennis.
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