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"I guess so," she replied, sadly. "Of course, the babies should have my old bedroom, but when Dad said that, I felt a little displaced. That spot in the house has always been mine."

"I understand," replied Jake. "If you ever need to move back to your parents' home, your room won't be there, anymore."

Abby wanted to deny the truth of his observation, but knew that she couldn't. The same thought had occurred to her, as well. But the realization of no longer having a place in her parents' house to fall back to, was only a minor concern to Abby; she was convinced that she had done the right thing by moving in with Jake-- or I should say, of the two young people, she had never regretted the decision. Fearing the worried look on his face just now, Abby promptly changed the subject.

"Do you want to come fishing with us?" she offered.

"No, I'll stay in the porch," said Jake, finding a place on the old swing and putting his feet up on the railing.

Abby went inside and soon reappeared with two fly rods and her tackle box. She walked down the beach to where Dennis and Terry were now waiting, while John and Izumi sat on a picnic bench to watch in the slowly fading light of the summer sky.

Dennis accepted the fly rod Abby handed him and selected a fly from the tackle box. Abby watched as Dennis flicked his rod back and then forward, expertly landing the fly onto the water of the bay.

Terry grinned at Abby, and walked over to John and Izumi.

"He's good," smiled Terry, "but our Abby is better!"

"Where's Jake?" asked Izumi, looking around for the young man.

"I don't know," muttered Terry. "I'll go find him."

When Terry approached the screened porch of the little yellow house, he could see Jake's form sitting on the swing.

"Mind if I join you?" asked Terry, opening the screen porch door.

Jake shrugged and moved to the other side, making more than enough room for Terry. From the porch, the two men watched Dennis and Abby on the beach.

"I've seen her do this a hundred times," Jake murmured softly.

Not trying to discourage him from talking, Terry remained quiet and listened with a small grin on his face.

"First, she selects her lure," anticipated Jake. "Thata girl," he smiled. "Now, put your hair back and adjust your cap."

Terry watched as Abby acted out Jake's predictions on the waterfront, almost as if he were telling her what to do.

"Put your face into the wind, and let the line go," he breathed quietly.

Abby made sure of the direction of the wind, and cast her fly onto the water, without making a single splash. She reeled in her line a little and looked at Dennis to see his reaction. By the big grin on his face, she could see he was pleased.

"How well can you control the placement of the fly?" he challenged her.

"What do you want as the target?" asked Abby.

Dennis looked about him for a likely marker.

"That rock, over there to your left," said Dennis. "Let's see you hit that."

Abby turned to face the dry land and cast her line before her, sailing the hookless fly straight to its mark.

"Once more," requested Dennis, "but this time, land it on the palm of my hand."

He took a few steps backward and held out his hand.

"Isn't this a little ridiculous?" asked Abby, beginning to feel silly.

"Just do it," urged Dennis. "I'm curious."
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