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"Kind of makes choosing names more challenging, doesn't it?" laughed Dennis. "You have to have three boy names, and three girl names. First come, first serve!"

"Honey, you know, he's right," said John, going to the kitchen to talk to Izumi.

"So," said Terry, "are you planning to stay in Three Mile Bay after the fishing season is over?"

"No," replied Dennis, "I'll probably just move on to another job-- at least for the winter. Come next year, who knows?"

"How was your day, Jake?" asked Terry, not trying to leave him out of the conversation.

"Fine," he answered in a quiet voice.

"That's good," smiled Terry. "John and I will be away on another business trip for the next few days, so we're counting on you to look after the women."

Jake looked at him in silent gratitude and smiled. Terry was trying very hard to make him feel like one of the family.

Just then, Abby bounded from the kitchen, still smiling over the news of the triplets.

"Mom has invited us to stay for dinner," she announced. "Is that all right with you guys?"

"Sure," answered Dennis.

"All right," replied Jake, pulling out his sketchpad to pass the time.

"Jake and Abby are artists," Terry explained to Dennis.

"At least, we're trying to be," sighed Abby, taking a seat beside Jake.

Jake promptly scooted away from her and continued to work on his tablet.

"Where do you come from, Dennis?" inquired Terry. "Do you have any family in these parts?"

"I grew up in Pittsburgh," replied the man. "Most of my brothers and sisters still live there."

"What made you choose Three Mile Bay?" wondered Terry.

"Mr. Winkler offered me a generous salary, but it was his description of a certain angler that finally hooked me. Mr. Winkler said he's never seen a more promising talent than Abigail Johannes. He's hoping I can talk her into becoming a fly casting instructor."

"Hear that, Abby?" grinned Terry.

"I keep telling Mr. Winkler that I'm not interested," insisted Abby. "Besides, I'm not as good as all that. He's a little prejudiced."

"You know," suggested Dennis, "if your art thing doesn't work out, teaching fly casting is a good way to make a living. Win a few tournaments to get your name out there, and then the job opportunities start opening up. It's something to think about. In the meanwhile, I'd really like to see what you've got."

"After dinner, we can do some fishing," replied Abby, with a shrug. "I hope you're not going to be sorry you came to Three Mile Bay."

"Dinner's ready!" announced Izumi, as everyone got up and filed into the kitchen.

After the meal was over, Abby went to her room to get her fishing gear. When she was greeted by her old empty bedroom, Abby suddenly remembered that she didn't live there, anymore.

John chuckled when she returned to the kitchen, empty-handed.

"We're going to turn it into a baby nursery," he informed her, casually.

At this news, Abby's face fell. No one at the table noticed it, except one. After explaining that she was going home to retrieve her fly rod, he watched her quickly leave the kitchen.

"Abby?" called out Jake, when she had reached the steps of the yellow house. "Are you all right?"
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