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"Dr. Williams counted three little babies, right here in your mother's belly," said John, patting Izumi lovingly. "The ultrasound was recorded, so the rest of you could see it," he grinned, popping in a video cassette and hitting play.

The family watched as three black forms surrounded by what looked like to Abby was gray static, moved and twitched ever so slightly.

"Are you sure those are babies?" asked Abby, squinting at the screen. "They look like three small kidneys, to me."

"Those are your future brothers, sisters, or all of the above," smiled John, bursting with gratitude. "Just look at what God has in store for us! Three on the production line, at one time!"

"You overachiever," laughed Terry, nudging John in the side with his elbow. "I knew twins might be possible, but I never imagined triplets!"

Jake watched in awe at the three nondescript forms on the television screen.

"Jake, you're going to to be a brother-in-law!" cried Terry, beside himself with happiness.

Jake looked at him disbelievingly and then back at the screen. It was true. Abby was his wife, making him brother-in-law to the triplets. For someone who had hardly a relation in the world only a few days ago, Jake's kin were multiplying fast!

When the tape had been viewed two more times, John turned off the set.

"Are you two staying for dinner, Sweetheart?" asked Izumi, getting up to go fix the meal.

"Thanks anyway, Mom," replied Abby, "but Jake and I have company."

Suddenly, Abby cried in dismay.

"Jake! We forgot Dennis! He's still in the jeep!"

Abby ran outside, only to find Dennis sitting at the picnic table, watching the waves lap onto the shore.

"It sure is beautiful here," mused Dennis, handing her the unopened pizza boxes.

"I'm so sorry!" apologized Abby. "In all the excitement, I completely forgot you were out here!"

"That's all right," smiled Dennis. "Did something good happen?"

"I should say so!" laughed Abby. "My parents found out that Mom is pregnant with triplets!"

"Again, congratulations," said Dennis.

"Won't you come inside?" invited Abby.

Dennis got up and followed Abby into the Johanneses' home.

"Dad, Uncle Terry," introduced Abby, "this is Dennis Beckman, the new fly casting instructor at the marina."

Dennis shook hands with the men, while Izumi came in to greet their guest.

"And this is my Mom," said Abby, introducing him to Izumi.

"I hear congratulations are in order," smiled Dennis, shaking hands with the expectant mother. "My Mom had two sets of twins, and we ran her ragged! I wish you better success!"

"Thank you," replied Izumi. "You have a twin, then?"

"A twin sister," answered Dennis, accepting a seat on the couch. "I always wished I had a brother, so we could change places every once in a while like my other brothers did. Do you know what sex they are, yet?"

"No," replied John. "Not until late next month-- or so I'm told."

Izumi returned to the kitchen with Abby following.
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