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"Hey," smiled Dr. Chambers, getting her attention by rubbing the back of her hand, "keep breathing, or else you're going to pass out, okay? We wouldn't want that."

Someone took Ricky to be cleaned and examined, and the new mother weakly looked up at her husband.

"Jake, isn't our son beautiful?" she nearly whispered, her lips pale from exhaustion.

Jake smiled, and it was then that Abby saw he had tears in his eyes. They had been there for quite some time, but in her pain, she hadn't noticed.

"You might want to start breastfeeding," advised a nurse, as she helped Abby with her hospital gown. "Your baby is hungry."

As people attended to Abby and Ricky, Jake stepped back to stay out of their way. Then Ricky started nursing while Abby cradled him in her arms. Jake had never seen her look so tired, or so happy, in all the time he had known her.

When all was done, Dr. Chambers and the others left the new family alone. Jake had to admit that he was grateful for the privacy.

"Jake, sit here," Abby encouraged him, as he leaned forward to see the baby.

Jake carefully sat down on the edge of Abby's hospital bed and marveled at the sleeping infant cuddled in her arms.

"He's bigger than the triplets, when they were born," he remarked.

"He should be," smiled Abby, "he had the entire womb to himself." At the sound of his mother's voice, Ricky opened his eyes and blinked up at Jake.

"He has your brown eyes," pointed out Abby, "and your hair. Just look at those wisps of brown on top of his head. Jake, he reminds me so much of you. Imagine, this baby is half me, and half you! It's such an amazing miracle, I can hardly get over it. Do you want to hold your son, now?"

With a broad smile, Jake lifted the infant into his arms.

"My son," he whispered in amazement. Another tear slipped from his face and fell unchecked on the blue receiving blanket. Ricky gurgled up at his daddy and then tried to suckle his father's shirt. "I think he's hungry again," smiled Jake, giving the babe back to his mother.

As Abby resumed nursing, Jake gently kissed her forehead and sighed wearily. He looked so tired, that Abby forgot about her own fatigue and tried to get him to lay down on the lounge chair for awhile. Unwilling to leave her and Ricky for even a nap, the young man leaned against her pillow and snuggled his cheek on Abby's shoulder.

"I thank God it's over," he sighed. "That was tough." Jake stroked the baby's crown and marveled that this bundle of life had come from within Abby.

Outside the hospital room, Izumi was excitedly relating everything she had seen to an anxious John and Terry.

"Ricky takes after Jake in so many ways," Izumi was saying, "but he has our Abby's mouth. I'd recognize that mouth anywhere!"

After a half hour to let the family bond in private, a nurse invited them inside. Terry kept his joy to a quiet whisper, for two of the family members were fast asleep. Jake had one leg hanging off the bed, his sleeping head leaning against Abby's shoulder, while she cradled a napping Ricky.

"Like father, like son," whispered John with a smile.

Everyone quietly gathered around the bed while Abby turned Ricky's face to them so they could get a better look at the brand new member of their family. John gasped in surprise when he saw just how much the child resembled his son-in-law. As if knowing that he was the center of attention, Ricky stirred and let out a small cry. Hearing this, Jake's eyes fluttered open, and he checked the baby.
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