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"He's all right," Abby smiled. "We have visitors."

Suddenly, Jake realized that Abby's family was in the room.

"Congratulations, Son," grinned John. "He's a beautiful baby."

"Thanks," smiled Jake, a little embarrassed that he should be so exhausted when Abby was the one who had done all the pushing.

"What's his full name?" inquired Terry, taking another photo with his digital camera.

"Richard Jacob Murphy," answered Abby, in a pleased voice.

"Jacob!" exclaimed Jake in surprise. "You didn't have to name him after me, Abby."

"You promised that I could pick the middle name, remember?" she reminded her husband. "We made a deal."

"So we did," smiled Jake, letting the infant take hold of his index finger. "I should have figured you'd do something like that."

Then Izumi held her grandson, while John and Terry huddled around her to see the baby. As they oohed and ahhed at Ricky, Abby felt her eyes struggling to stay open.

"Go to sleep," encouraged Jake, straightening her covers and making sure she was comfortable. "You need the rest."

"Are you going home?" she asked, groggily.

"No," he assured her, "I'll sleep on the lounge chair."

"I should tell you to go home," smiled Abby, "but I confess, I really want you to stay."

With a happy sigh, Jake gave her hand one last squeeze and Abby soon drifted to sleep.

For the next several hours, Abby's rest was punctuated by cries from Ricky, who seemingly wanted to be fed all the time. To keep him quiet, Jake held the baby as often as he could in between feedings, endeavoring to give Abby as much sleep as he could.

When the new mother opened her eyes a few hours later, Abby wasn't sure what time of day it was. A little disoriented by her unfamiliar surroundings, Abby looked about the room and saw Jake sitting in the lounge chair near her hospital bed, playing with Ricky in hushed whispers. The look of pride on Jake's face was evident. The squirming bundle he held was his son, and Jake was beaming with joy. For several minutes, Abby watched as father and son interacted with each other, until she made a small movement, and caught Jake's attention.

"You're awake," he smiled with pleasure. "If you're up to it, Ricky needs to be fed."

Abby nodded her readiness, and Jake handed her the infant.

"You look better today," he observed, seeing a slight flush of color in his wife's cheeks. "I was hoping you were able to get at least a little sleep last night."

"Last night?" she asked in surprise. "Is it the next day? I don't even know what time it is."

Jake went to the hospital window and opened the blinds so she could see outside.

"You were in labor for fourteen hours," he informed her, "and just so you know, it's eight in the morning."

"No wonder I'm so hungry!" she exclaimed.

"If you want," Jake quickly volunteered, "I could go to the cafeteria and bring you something to eat."
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