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Agatha, the dear friend who baby-sat the triplets the day before, was the next to arrive with her husband for a visit. Then Abby's fishing buddies and church friends began to trickle in, until the hospital room was abundant with the fragrance of fresh cut flowers.

Dr. Jacoby also wanted to see Ricky, as did Sheriff Peterson, who arrived in his uniform, for he could only take a few minutes to stop by while still on duty. The law enforcement officer tenderly cradled the baby, happily marveling at how much progress Jake had made since getting out of prison last year.

"God truly does set the solitary in families [Psalms 68:6]," the Sheriff observed with a glad heart.

That night, Jake slept in the lounge chair beside Abby's hospital bed for the second day in a row. Abby halfheartedly tried to talk him into going home to enjoy a comfortable bed, but he had easily resisted her weak arguments. The young man knew she wanted him there, and to be honest, he didn't want to go back to an empty house. His family was here, with Abby and Ricky, so Jake remained by Abby's side until the second day when Dr. Chambers declared that mother and child were ready to go home.

In readiness for their arrival, John and Terry had cleaned the little yellow house, while Izumi had stocked their refrigerator with enough food so Jake would have to do very little food preparations for the next few days.

As Abby had once insisted pushing Jake out of the hospital in a wheelchair when he went home, Jake delighted that he was able to do the same for her-- though under much happier circumstances.

John drove the small family back to Three Mile Bay, and thoughtfully installed Ricky's car seat in the red pickup truck to save Jake from having to do it later on.

Inside the house, Ricky cuddled in his blanket as Abby carefully settled on the living room couch for a little rest before lunch. Jake busily ran back and forth, getting a pillow from the bedroom for her back, ensuring she had something to drink, and even adjusting the light from the window to make sure she could take a nap if she wanted.

Izumi was not much better than her son-in-law, for she had bought a frilly bassinet for Ricky, and had John place it beside the couch so Abby could easily reach her baby when it was time to nurse.

"You really didn't have to get us a bassinet, Mom," smiled Abby, as the new grandmother lowered Ricky into his small bed. "It's very pretty, though."

"Isn't it?" sighed Izumi, as she covered Ricky with a light blanket. "I know you and Jake already have a crib, but I've always pictured your firstborn in a pretty bassinet. It's terribly sentimental of me, but they're only this small once. Enjoy it while you can, Sweetheart. They grow up much too fast."

After Abby's parents and uncle had left, Jake bent over the bassinet to see Ricky.

"Can you believe your mom bought this lacy thing for our son?" he lightheartedly chuckled. "I would have argued against it, but Mom seemed so happy to do it, that I didn't have the heart to turn it down."

"Thanks for not saying anything," smiled Abby, relaxing into the soft pillow Jake had placed behind her. "Mom's never been a grandmother, before. Try to let her enjoy Ricky as much as possible, because she won't get to see him very often when we move to California."

Jake nodded in understanding and let out a small sigh.

"Are you still sure you want to move?" he asked her. "Won't you feel better raising our son closer to your parents? It's a big leap of faith for you to be without them."

"You and I will be together," replied Abby, "so I'm not afraid."

"Then I won't be, either," he smiled, leaning down and tenderly planting a kiss on her forehead.

"Would you cuddle with me for awhile?" she asked, sleepily.

More than willing to accommodate her request, Jake sat down on the sofa and let Abby find the most comfortable spot on his lap to rest her head. When she finally closed her eyes, Jake stroked her silky black hair.

"Abby, I love you," he whispered. Just then, a small gurgle came from the bassinet. "I love you too, Ricky," he smiled.

Peace and quiet settled into the little yellow house, as Abby snuggled on Jake's lap. The morning light from the dimmed window comforted her as she took one last glance at the bassinet.

Before letting herself fall asleep, Abby thanked God for answering so many prayers in the past few days. God had not forsaken her in her great need, and had sent mercy when she needed it the most. Abby thanked God for the good health of their son, and for the great help that Jake had been. She knew Jake would have gladly endured the pain for her, if he could. How she loved that man!

Soon, Abby could hear the soft breathing sounds of her slumbering husband and newborn son, and realized how very tired she was, herself. Feeling more exhausted than either of them, Abby quickly fell asleep without even trying.

"A woman [Abby] when she is in travail [labor] hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child [Ricky], she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world."
~ John 16:21 ~

end of chapter
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