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Chuck watched as she disappeared behind the door. He knew he hadn't reached her.

"Well," reasoned Chuck to himself, "I just didn't do it right. I need help!"

"Come again," called out Adam, as the customer exited the store. It was a slow business day for Clark Plumbing Service and Supply. Adam had few customers and almost no service calls. Mike was out on an errand, so Adam had the place all to himself. He sank into the comfortable swivel chair behind the counter and put his feet up. If no one else interrupted him, he could get a few winks of sleep. The plumber had almost dozed off when the store buzzer sounded, rousing him from his hard-earned rest. Adam smiled kindly at the familiar face.

"Hi, Chuck," greeted Adam, getting up from the chair and walking over to his friend. Adam braced himself to be questioned. Ever since Chuck came to Christ, he had shown up at the store like clockwork, trying to resolve all manner of questions and spiritual dilemmas. Adam could tell by the look on Chuck's sober face that today was no different.

"I need your help," pleaded the helpless father.

"What is it?" asked Adam. This was not how he usually asked for help. There was a hint of desperation in Chuck's voice that alarmed Adam.

"It's Charlie, my little girl," explained Chuck.

"What about her?"

"I can't get through to her. I've tried, but she just won't listen!"

"Can't get through?" repeated Adam, bewildered by his friend's lack of clarity.

"I've been witnessing to her."

"Oh," nodded Adam. "And I take it's not going very well?"

"It's all my fault! I don't think I presented Christ to her correctly, or else she would have listened!"

"Presentation isn't everything," Adam answered, calmly. "A person must be willing to listen. You can't force willingness."

"I was thinking...," Chuck hesitated, "maybe, you could talk to her?" Adam uneasily shifted his weight to the other foot, and folded his arms.

"Chuck, she's your daughter. If she won't listen to you, why should she listen to me?"

"I'm begging you," pleaded Chuck. "She's my little girl!"

"Very well, I'll go," consented Adam. "I'll do my best, but I can't promise anything," he warned, seeing his friend's expectations were rather high.

"When can you come?"

"I'll be there as soon as Mike gets back," replied Adam.

"Thank you!" cried Chuck. "She'll listen to YOU. But... there's just one thing to remember."

"What's that?"

"Charlie sometimes spouts Latin whenever she tries to gain the advantage in a discussion," warned Chuck. "When she does that, don't let her throw you off."

"Chuck," replied Adam, "the only Latin I know is 'E Pluribus Unum'!"

When Chuck left, Adam reminded himself that he wasn't a total stranger to the young girl; she would listen to him-- if only out of courtesy. When Mike returned, Adam made his way to the Overholt house, half wishing it were already over.

It was ten thirty when Charlie heard a knock on her bedroom door.
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