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"If that person was doing something that they knew to be contradictory to the law of love, then yes."

Charlie looked very thoughtful.

"I had no idea love played such a big role in Christianity," she mused.

"'God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him,'" said Adam.

"I think I get it," replied Charlie. "It's kind of like 'amor gignit amorem.' A friend of mine used to say that all the time. It means, 'Love creates love,'" explained Charlie. "If she was right, then I must conclude that if God really is love, and He really does dwell inside you, then God's love for you creates your love for Him."

Adam smiled and shook his head. This was, by far, the brightest teenager he had ever witnessed to. Why she wasn't already a Christian was a source of great concern to him.

"What's holding you back, Charlie?" asked Adam. "I know you understand. What keeps you from taking that next, logical step?"

The girl was silent. She was about to walk away, when Adam stopped her. For a minute, he looked up, as if imploring God for help.

"Follow me," said the plumber, "I want to show you something."

Charlie followed Adam out the gate and down the street. When they reached the cul-de-sac, Adam continued walking straight ahead. As the porch lights dimmed behind them, Charlie was suddenly aware that the night sky was teeming with bright, brilliant stars. They were on the outskirts of Twin Yucca.

"Here it is," announced Adam.

In front of them stood a large plant. At first glance, it looked like something from a child's story book. Its green leaves were long and bayonet shaped, forming a rosette at its base. A tall candle-like column jutted out from the center of the rosette, towering twelve feet above the leaves. Creamy white blossoms covered the column in such a beautiful array that it amazed Charlie.

"What is it?" she asked.

"It's a Chaparral Yucca," answered Adam. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

"And it's so tall!" observed Charlie.

"They grow wild in the mountains of Southern California and bloom every spring. It's a little late in the year for this, but I wanted to show you something."

Adam took a small flashlight from a pocket in his overalls and turned the light on the flowers. "Do you see it?" he asked. Charlie moved in closer. There, among the white waxy flowers, she saw a small, snow-white moth with grayish hind wings.

"I see it," said Charlie, "but what is it?"

"This," said Adam, "is the yucca moth. This small moth is completely dependent on the yucca plant for its existence, and the yucca plant is completely dependent on the yucca moth for its survival. One can not exist without the other-- it's not possible. No other insect but the yucca moth is capable of pollinating yucca plants. If the moth were to disappear, so would these magnificent plants." Adam pocketed his flashlight. "It's incredible," he said, "to think that this twelve foot giant is dependent on a small insect for it's existence!" Adam turned to Charlie. "The Bible says we can learn wisdom from the ant."

"You're not going to compare me to that bug and plant, are you? They need each other to survive-- I don't need anyone!" defied Charlie.

"Look at that yucca plant," said Adam, "see how intricately God has provided for His own Creation? Nature depends on God's wisdom to make it all work right. Without His intervention, all life would perish. Yes, you need Him, Charlie. We all do."

"But, when everything changes," she retorted, "all you're left with is yourself! Even Daddy is going to leave me!"

"Put your trust and faith in God, He NEVER changes. He will never forsake you," beseeched Adam.

"I can't, don't you see? He'll leave me, just like everyone else. First Mom, then Donna, and now Daddy. Everyone I have ever loved is either dead or dying! Now you want me to love a God I can't see, and trust Him that I won't get hurt. Well, I'm sorry, but I can't do it!"
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