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"It still looks dark," observed Charlie in the mirror.

"Wear your sunglasses," suggested Vera. "I'm afraid you'll have to attend the wedding without me. I'll stay home with Chuck."

"Thank you, Grandma," said Charlie retiring to her room to dress. She came out a while later wearing the sunglasses.

"You look very stylish," complimented Vera.

A sobering thought had settled in Charlie's mind-- one that could not be easily answered. Chuck's outburst of strength had caught Charlie off guard. She had always considered herself to be the best possible person to take care of Chuck, and thought she was more than up to the task. However, how was she going to physically restrain her father when he was bigger and much stronger than she? She knew from other people's stories that people with Alzheimer's could become violent. Mild-mannered people tended to become placid, while quick-tempered people could become violent. Chuck was neither mild-mannered, nor was he violent. As long as Charlie could remember, Chuck was given to fits of happiness and periods of moodiness. This had become much more stable since he became a Christian, but the Alzheimer's was changing his awareness. As long as Chuck had all his faculties, he could control frustration and anger. Charlie could see turbulent waters ahead, and prayed for wisdom.

Mike and Sandra's wedding was amazingly elegant, given the fact that they had only a few weeks to prepare for the ceremony. Sandra's Mom, Millie, enjoyed every moment of the preparations, continually repeating how she had been waiting for this day ever since Sandra was a baby.

Charlie sat at the back of the church with Jerome, while close family and friends sat near the front. The church was festooned with baskets of white and yellow flowers, baby's breath and milk white roses.

A hush came over the congergation as the bridal march started, and the Bride made her way down the aisle. Charlie thought Sandra was absolutely beautiful in her long white wedding gown.

The wedding photographer took pictures as Mike and Sandra stood before the minister and said their vows. Then Mike and Sandra kissed, and greeted everyone outside the church.

The reception was being held at the Westons' home. Jerome went straight for the food, while Charlie preferred to hang back and watch the happy scene. She must have not looked as happy as she was trying to seem, for Adam stopped to talk to her.

"Your heart isn't crushed because Mike married Sandra, is it?" teased Adam.

"Very funny," replied Charlie.

"Why the sunglasses, then?" asked Adam.

"I felt like wearing them," answered Charlie, waiting to see if the answer would satisfy him.

"Well, if it's not because you've been crying..." Adam left the sentence unfinished. "Charlie, has something happened to your right eye?" asked Adam, tilting her chin back with his finger. Other guests were starting to stare at Charlie.

"Please, not here," said Charlie, forcing a smile.

Adam and Charlie stepped outside and Charlie took off her sunglasses. Apparently, even with them on, she didn't stand up to close scrutiny.

"Where on earth did you get that black eye!" exclaimed Adam.

"Promise you won't tell anyone?" asked Charlie.

"If someone's hitting you..." began Adam.

"It's not what you think," interrupted Charlie. "This morning, I was helping Daddy put his socks on, and he kicked me in the face. But, it's not his fault. He didn't know what he was doing," explained Charlie.

"Do you still think you can take care of him by yourself?" asked Adam, thoughtfully.

"You're starting to sound like Uncle Jerome!" reproached Charlie.
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