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Chapter Twenty-nine
A Forgotten Promise

"Only take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently, lest thou forget the things which thine eyes have seen, and lest they depart from thy heart all the days of thy life."
~ Deuteronomy 4:9 ~

The cryptic phone caller who had been tormenting Adam for the past few weeks, was now doing it two to three times a day. Charlie had been patient, and respected Adam's wish that she not confront the young woman on the phone, but one day, Charlie forgot her promise.

It was a Friday, and Charlie finished a long day at school where she had just survived a surprise algebra quiz, completed her history essay on Byzantine architecture, and passed a biology test which she had forgotten to study for. As a result, Charlie's mind was well preoccupied when she arrived at work that late afternoon.

The phone rang, and without thinking twice, Charlie answered it.

"Where's Adam?" demanded the voice.

"He's not here right now," replied Charlie, in an irritated tone.

"Tell him I haven't forgotten!" charged the woman.

"Tell him yourself," retorted Charlie, in no mood to cater to the madwoman.

"You listen to me," said the caller angrily, "I will make him pay for what he's done, and you can't stop me!"

"I've had about enough of you!" cried Charlie, passionately. "I've tried to walk around you long enough. Adam may feel he has some obligation to endure your harassment, but I don't!"

"You've got no right!" screamed the young caller. "No right at all!"

"And you've the right to hound Adam?" scoffed Charlie. "I don't think so!"

"You know NOTHING!" retorted the young woman.

"I know enough to unplug Adam's phones so you can't call again," threatened Charlie.

"You wouldn't dare!" screamed the caller.

It was just the prompting Charlie needed to immediately hang up the phone and unplug it from the wall. Soon thereafter, Charlie could hear the living room phone ring. Not waiting for the answering machine to take a message, she marched into the room, and disabled that phone as well. Then she proceeded upstairs and unplugged Adam's bedroom phone. At last, the house was silent.

Charlie finished her work, and went home, without meeting Adam. She was lying on her bed, working on her homework, when Vera called her to the living room. When Charlie reached the living room, she saw Adam standing next to the grandfather clock near the front door, talking to Chuck and Vera.

Charlie overheard her father saying,

"I understand. Mom and I will leave so you can talk to her."

Just then, everyone noticed her presence.

"Charlie," said Chuck, "Adam wants to talk to you. Your grandma and I are going to step outside for awhile."

Charlie didn't like the sound of that. She would have gladly followed her relatives out the door, but when Chuck shut it firmly behind him, any thoughts of evading Adam quickly evaporated.

"What have you done?" cried Adam.

Charlie jumped back a step, surprised by the sudden outburst of emotion from the plumber.

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