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"If you could take me to the nearest pay phone, I'll call Dad, and he'll come get me," said Jessica.

"It's this way," sighed Charlie, leading the way.

When the girls reached a pay phone, Jessica called home. A while later, Mr. Enslow drove up in the family mini-van. Before Jessica departed, she handed Charlie the picture of Cathy.

"I think Cathy would want you to have it," said Jessica. With that, the Enslows drove away. Charlie said a prayer, asking God to finish the good work He had started in Jessica that night.

"Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ." (Philippians 1:6)

When Charlie reached home, she found Adam asleep on their living room couch. Charlie tried to tiptoe by, but Adam sensed someone was in the room and woke up.

"I told them I'd wait up for you," explained Adam, yawning. "What time is it?"

"It's ten thirty," replied Charlie, collapsing into Chuck's recliner. "I feel perfectly buoyant tonight! Like I couldn't sink, even if I tried."

"Do you usually stay out this late?" asked Adam.

"What do you think?" challenged Charlie, good naturedly.

"My, my, you're in a good mood," observed Adam. "You left home with your tail tucked between your legs, and now you look as if you were on top of the world!"

"That's because I know something you don't!" laughed Charlie. "Guess who I bumped into tonight? You won't be able to-- not in a million years! Jessica Enslow!" blurted Charlie, not waiting for her friend to guess.

"You're kidding!" exclaimed Adam, his jaw dropping to his chest. "Was she all right?"

"I wouldn't be happy if she wasn't!" pointed out Charlie. Then, she related to him the conversation she had had with Jessica, doing her best to leave none of the particulars out. Charlie even told him about Darren's death, and how Jessica, upon hearing Charlie's confession, had confessed herself, saying that she blamed herself for Cathy's death.

A relieved expression came over Adam's face.

"I know you could have done better, if you had been the one to witness to her," said Charlie.

"No, I think God sent the right person for the task," he disagreed. "I'm grateful to you, Charlie. I really am. Jessica has been in my prayers for a long time now, and I was really becoming concerned about her. Every time I started in on the Bible, she would hang up. I asked God to intercede, and it looks like He did."

"Jessica didn't actually say she would believe on the name of Christ," warned Charlie, "but she did say I had given her 'a lot to think about.'"

"I realize that," said Adam, "still, that's more than I was ever able to do. And to know that at least for now, she won't try to end her own life-- that's a lot for someone who was on five different antidepressants.

"You know, it's not until several days after the accident, that I realized that if I had only picked up one of the shards of broken window glass, that I could have cut through Cathy's seat belt. But," he sighed, "I didn't think of it then."

"Why, Adam!" exclaimed Charlie. "That's the second time today you've confided in me! I've been coming to you with my problems for so long now, and was beginning to think that you'd never come to me with yours. One who takes and never gives anything in return, is a burden. I never want to be that to you."

"You're very kind," smiled Adam.

"And as far as Cathy Enslow is concerned, you did your best," consoled Charlie. "I guess God really wanted her up in heaven with Him," she mused, pulling out Cathy's photo and showing it to Adam.

"Jessica gave you this?" asked Adam. Charlie nodded. For a long while he couldn't speak.

Knowing she was in the way, Charlie retreated to her room, leaving Adam in the living room with the photo.
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