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"We've all got to go sometime, and meet our Maker," answered Vera. "But, it's too early for tears, Charlie. I don't know for certain. The doctor says I'll live to a ripe old age! Still, I must confess that when Arnold passes away, I believe I'll soon follow." Charlie got up and went to her Grandma, burying her head in the old woman's arms.

"Are you ready to 'meet your Maker'?" asked Adam, solemnly. It was a question that most could take offense at, but Adam was not willing to let that get in the way of Vera's salvation.

"I believe so," was Vera's reply. "Lately, I've been looking at my life, and I'm not proud of what I've found," replied Vera, smoothing Charlie's long brown hair away from her face. "I attend church and call myself a Christian, but until recently, I realized that it was all talk and no works. My granddaughter's testimony has been an inspiration to me. I'm not just saying that Charlie... I really mean it.

"Before, I've said that Christ was my Savior, but now I know Christ is my Savior. Before, I never thought it was possible to be sure of one's salvation, but by your example of faith, Pumpkin, I see that we can know. 'And hereby we do know that we know Him, IF we keep His commandments.'" quoted Vera. "It's long overdue, but yes, I am ready."

"The doctor says you're all right?" repeated Charlie. "You're not trying to spare me any bad news, are you?"

"If I could spare you of anything, Pumpkin," replied Vera, "it would be to not leave you alone with Jerome." It was the first time Charlie had ever heard her Grandma say anything about Jerome that was not in his defense. "I'm going to bring Chuck home now," said Vera.

After the front door closed, Adam stood up to go.

"Thank you for asking Grandma about her salvation," replied Charlie.

Adam nodded and was turning to leave, when Charlie blurted,

"Would you go with me to the Edward Johnston concert?"

Adam hesitated.

"I thought you would ask some of your friends," he replied.

"You are my friend," said Charlie. "In fact, you're probably my best friend. You don't mind... do you?"

"No, Charlie-girl, I don't mind," said Adam.

"I'm going to ask Grandma to come, too," added Charlie.

"I think she'll enjoy the concert," said Adam.

"I'm driving Uncle Jerome's car," continued Charlie, "but since I have to have a licensed driver in the car, you'll have to walk here, instead of me picking you up, because Grandma can't drive."

"I'll look forward to it," answered Adam. He hesitated. "You're not asking me to come because I'm Wallace Shipley, are you?"

"Why, Adam! How could you ask that?" exclaimed Charlie, indignantly. "I was your friend BEFORE this Wallace Shipley business, wasn't I?"

"Yes," replied Adam.

"And now that I know who you are, I'm STILL you're friend, aren't I?" asked Charlie.

"Yes," replied Adam.

"Well, there's your answer!" declared Charlie, folding her arms. "You may be brilliant in front of the piano, but you've a lot to learn about women!"

"I withdraw the question," retracted Adam. "Please, don't treat me differently than you usually do," he entreated. "The idea of fame is a little frightening to me. Don't forget, I'm still me."

"I won't forget," promised Charlie.

"Are you sure you want me to come? Maybe you should take your father, instead," said Vera, later that day.

"Come on, Grandma," coaxed Charlie, "you know how Daddy is in crowds. Besides, he always falls asleep when I force him to listen to 'my kind' of music."
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