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"Adam Clark!" exclaimed the man, shaking Adam's hand. "I told my wife I thought I saw you here! How's business?"

"Doing good, Pete," replied Adam.

"And who is this lovely lady?" asked Pete.

"Oh, I'm sorry," apologized Adam. "Pete, this is Charlie Overholt. Charlie, this is Pete Harrison."

"Nice to meet you," smiled Charlie.

"I see you're doing pretty good for yourself, you sly dog!" winked Pete, nudging Adam with his elbow. "Better not tell Constance, eh?"

Before Adam could refute the innuendo, Pete left the table.

"Don't pay any attention to him," said Adam, seeing Charlie was embarrassed.

"Is he one of your friends?" asked Charlie.

"No," replied Adam. "He's one of Constance's clients. She's a real estate agent."

"Oh," replied Charlie.

"Pumpkin, I phoned the nursing home to check in on your father," said Vera, returning to the table.

"How is he?" asked Charlie.

"He's doing fine, and hopes you're having a good time," answered Vera.

"I'm having a fantastic time!" replied Charlie.

The concert began once more with one of Charlie's favorite Edward Johnston songs. When he finished the last featured presentation, the audience applauded the concert pianist. The announcer came out again, holding a microphone and asked Edward Johnston if he had ever had a more responsive audience. The pianist politely replied that he had not.

"Before everyone leaves tonight, I was wondering if you could take a few questions from the audience," suggested the announcer. The audience immediately cheered in approval.

"I'd be happy to," agreed Edward Johnston.

Hands went up in the audience.

"Where do you get your inspiration for your music?" asked one.

"Well," replied Edward Johnston, "I draw inspiration from many places, but mostly, I'd have to say, from my family."

"I'm told," said the announcer, "that there's an interesting story as to how you became a concert pianist. Would you share that with us?"

"Yes," he began, "I was one of the lucky few to ever meet Wallace Shipley in person." (Ooooh's filled the amphitheater.) "I had the opportunity of performing some of my original pieces before him, and he was kind enough to recommend that I pursue a career in music. I did, and I'm standing here today because of the encouragement I received from Wallace Shipley!"

Vera looked at Charlie who looked at Adam, who was clearly displeased.

"Is what he said, true?" whispered Charlie.

"No," whispered Adam, flatly. "I've never met the man in my life!"

"What did Adam say?" whispered Vera.

"Adam said Edward Johnston is lying about Wallace Shipley!" whispered Charlie.

Edward Johnston answered some more questions, and the lights came back on. Adam, Charlie, and Vera, got up and filed out with the rest of the crowd.

As they walked back to Jerome's car, Charlie could tell Adam was angry.
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