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"Was that Adam?" asked Vera.

Charlie nodded in the affirmative.

"I guess he wanted to keep in touch," mused Vera. "Where is he, anyway?"

"In Philadelphia-- site seeing," laughed Charlie.

"It's nice to see you more cheerful," observed Vera.

That night, after Vera and Chuck had gone to bed, Charlie pulled out her CD player and listened to her favorite Wallace Shipley album. The satellite phone from Adam had lifted her spirits. Somehow, just talking with him, made her feel more at ease. Charlie changed into her nightgown, climbed into bed, and turned out the light on her nightstand.

At about one in the morning, the satellite phone rang. Unused to the sound, it took Charlie a moment to wake up before she was fully aware that the new phone was ringing.

"Hello?" she answered, yawning.

"I'm sorry I woke you up," apologized Adam. "I knew it was summer vacation, otherwise, I wouldn't have disturbed you at this late hour on a weeknight."

"That's all right," replied Charlie. She quickly recognized the strain in his voice. "You can't sleep, can you?" she guessed.

"How did you know?" asked Adam. "I haven't slept since I came here, and the first concert is tomorrow evening," he groaned. "I've been staring at the hotel ceiling all night, just counting the tiles."

"Calm down," said Charlie.

"I walked my feet off today, trying to tire myself out," he confessed.

"First, I want you to lie down," instructed Charlie, trying to keep her voice calm and reassuring. She knew Adam was tired, and fighting back panic.

"Okay, I'm lying down," said Adam.

"I want you to remember," reminded Charlie, "that in Psalms, God has promised His beloved sleep-- that means you."

"I remember," he replied.

"Now, try NOT to close your eyes," she said.

"That's ridiculous!" resisted Adam. "I'm TRYING to go to sleep, not stay awake!"

"That's just the point," said Charlie, "you're trying too hard. Sleep has got to come naturally. You can't force it."

"All right, I'm trying NOT to close my eyes," sighed Adam.

"Now, I want you to put your clock somewhere you can't see it," said Charlie.

Adam was too tired to resist her help. He obediently hid the clock and returned to bed, clutching the phone to his ear.

"Now what?" he asked.

"Talk to me," she said. "What's Philadelphia like?"

"I don't remember," replied Adam, kicking off his covers.

"You spent the whole day site seeing, and you don't remember anything?" laughed Charlie.

"I was too tired to notice," answered Adam, wearily.
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