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"Grandma," she cried, "he needs me! And I need to help him! PLEASE! Even if he slams the door in my face, I have to try! Please, let me try!" Charlie buried her face in her arms and sobbed.

It was enough. Vera stood up and went to the phone.

"Jerome?" said Vera, holding the receiver so she could see Charlie's face, "I'm taking Charlie to Raleigh, North Carolina to see Adam."

Charlie's wet face beamed with gratitude.

"No, Adam is paying for it," assured Vera. "Charlie will miss two days of school, but she can make up for it, later." Vera continued to listen to Jerome. "Yes, I'm sure you won't have to pay for anything," she repeated. "I'll need you to take care of Chuck while we're gone, though."

After Vera made arrangements for Chuck to stay with Jerome, she called Bill back, saying that they would come to North Carolina.

Charlie eagerly rushed to her room to pack. She glanced at the time, and saw that it was a little before eight in the morning. It had been a long time since she had ever missed school. This day was dreamlike. She was actually going to fly to North Carolina to see Adam! The only thing that held her back from shouting for joy was the thought of him suffering. She had seen what sleep depravation had done to him in the past. Charlie wondered what condition she would find him in, this time.

Vera went to her room and packed, also. Afterward, Chuck's suitcase was brought up from under his bed and filled with the necessary clothing and personal effects he would need for the few days they were to be gone. At ten o' clock, Vera and Charlie took him down to Mullen-Overholt to stay with Jerome in the living quarters behind Jerome's office.

After leaving Chuck with a member of the nursing home staff, Jerome drove his mother and niece down to the small Twin Yucca airport.

Grudgingly, Jerome carried the two suitcases to the airport waiting room, and, after a few parting words with Vera, returned to Mullen-Overholt.

Charlie was so excited, she could hardly contain herself.

"So, this is the airport Adam sees when he flies home," thought Charlie. "And soon, I'll be seeing him!"

As they sat on the hard uncomfortable chairs in the tiny waiting room, Vera wondered if she was doing the right thing. It was an act of faith on her part. She was trusting in the Providence of God's sending for Charlie to help Adam.

At eleven o' clock, the two women heard a loud roaring sound outside of the waiting room. A sleek private jet touched down on the runway and taxied to a stop. The side door opened, and a man climbed out. He ran to the waiting room and approached Vera.

"Mrs. Vera Overholt and Charlotte Overholt?" asked the stranger.

"That's us," replied Vera, gathering her courage. She had never flown in anything smaller than a commercial airliner, in her entire life.

The man carried their two suitcases, leading them up the aircraft entrance steps and into the interior of the jet.

"Here's your seats," he said, helping Vera and Charlie buckle the seat belts. He placed their luggage in the overhead compartment. "Over here," he said, "is a private theater system. Just put on the head phones, and use the remote control to choose the programming. On your left, is a satellite, Internet-ready laptop at your disposal. The lavatory is back down the aisle and to your left. Have you ladies eaten lunch?"

"No, we haven't," replied Vera, a little overwhelmed by the affluent surroundings.

"Then I'll have the stewardess prepare lunch just as soon as we take off," said the man.

"How long will it take to get to Raleigh?" asked Charlie.

"You'll arrive in North Carolina in time for a late dinner!" answered the man.

"How can that be?" questioned Vera, incredulously.

"Well, Mrs. Overholt," informed the man, "this jet can travel four hundred and ten miles an hour. At that speed, we'll reach the East coast in a little over five hours. Of course, that's not counting a refueling stop in Tennessee."

"Oh, of course," mumbled Charlie, stunned by the personal jet which she had often heard the guys speak of. Only, they had never told her it was anything like this!
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