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Just as Charlie was debating whether or not she should go back to working in the garden, the two strangers exited Adam's house and returned to their shiny black car. As they drove away, Charlie could hear the back door leading to the garden, opening and closing.

"Charlie?" called out Adam. "Are you still here?"

Puzzled, Charlie returned to the garden, with Maggie following close behind.

"Oh, there you are," said Adam, putting away the hoe. "Are you going to finish the raking, or shall I?"

Charlie looked at him suspiciously. What in the world was he up to?

"I just love the way we tell each other everything," sighed Charlie, folding her arms. "You do, eventually, intend to explain what's going on-- right?"

"What are you talking about?" he asked, loading the wheelbarrow with the dead leaves.

"Adam, if you were in trouble, you'd tell me, wouldn't you?" questioned Charlie, growing concerned.

"That would depend on the trouble," he smiled, jokingly.

"Please be serious, for one moment," pleaded Charlie.

"Charlie-girl," Adam consoled her, "there's nothing wrong. The only present trouble I have, can be solved with bug spray!"

"Are you sure?" asked Charlie, a little uneasy.

"Scout's honor!" said Adam, intent on keeping his secret.

"You were never a Boy Scout," pointed put Charlie, with a smile.

"A minor detail," he grinned.

"Is everything all right?" asked Maggie, not exactly sure what they were talking about.

"I guess so," sighed Charlie, going to the pile of leaves to help Adam load the wheelbarrow.

"Oh," said Maggie, disappointed that it wasn't what she thought it was. "I was hoping those men had brought the engagement ring."

Charlie hadn't even considered that possibility! She quickly looked to Adam, who had suddenly found a deep interest in his shoelaces. The awkward silence that followed, told Charlie, that Maggie had guessed correctly.

"Oh, Maggie, you and your imagination!" she laughed, trying not to spoil the secret.

Seeing that Charlie was not taking her friend's suggestion seriously, Adam breathed a sigh of relief. Gratefully, the kitchen phone rang. He went inside to answer it, and soon came back out with a great big smile on his face.

"What is it?" asked Charlie, seeing that he obviously had some good news to tell her.

"Jeff and I have an errand to run this evening," announced Adam.

"Do you mean my Jeff?" asked Maggie, brightening at the sound of his name.

"Yes, Maggie, your Jeff," he replied, smiling. "I had an idea that if Jeff and I double dated with Charlie and you, then each couple could chaperon the other. We're going to see your father tonight, and propose the idea to him. If you could stay with Charlie at her house this evening, I think it would be best."

"Do you think he would go for it?" asked Charlie, dubiously.

"I hope so! Oh, I hope so!" cried Maggie, going to Adam and hugging him, gratefully. "Thank you!"

"Don't thank me, yet," he warned her. "Your father might not approve."

At the thought, Maggie started to cry. Charlie tenderly led her friend back to the Overholt house, to await Adam, for he had promised to stop by when it was over, and tell them what had happened.
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