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Then Nadine proceeded to show them clothes that suited Maggie's taste, making several suggestions and offering helpful advice where needed. In the proceeding hours, Maggie returned to the dressing room so many times, that she almost forgot what clothes she had come into the boutique with!

Kevin sat down in a nearby chair and patiently waited while the women enjoyed themselves.

"Oh, isn't it beautiful?" and "I like this one!" kept resounding in the store, until eventually, Maggie had a whole new wardrobe selected.

"Isn't this going to cost too much?" she whispered to Charlie, as Nadine checked them out at the register.

"It's all right," smiled Charlie, as she was handed the receipt. "This is a wedding gift from me and Adam."

Since Kevin was so handy, Charlie asked him to help carry some of the many bags out to the landrover parked outside.

"Before you go," asked Nadine, pulling out a notepad, "may I please have your autograph?"

If there was any lingering doubt as to Charlie's identity, it completely vanished when she signed,

"Thanks for your help! Charlotte Overholt."

As the three left the store, Charlie could hear Nadine excitedly tell another customer,

"Do you know who that was?!"

It was late afternoon when they left Nadine's. Charlie had spent the entire morning shopping, and had already gone through the money Adam had given her. She had enough of her own money, however, to treat Maggie and Kevin to lunch.

After depositing the shopping bags in the landrover, they went to a nearby cafe, with European chairs and tables outside, for those who wanted to enjoy the fragrant desert air. To Charlie's delight, she could hear one of Adam's songs playing on a radio from inside the kitchen, as the chef prepared their meal.

"Am I that easily recognizable?" Charlie asked Maggie, as they found a table outside.

"I didn't think so, until Nadine spotted you," sighed Maggie, a little sadly.

The more recognizable Charlie was, the harder it would be for her to lead a normal life. But, Charlie had already realized that by marrying Wallace Shipley, she was giving up a degree of anonymity that others took for granted. An example of this happened just as she was finishing lunch. A passerby quickly snapped Charlie's picture, before she was even aware of the fact that she had been recognized! Kevin was alert, however, and succeeded in stopping the individual from getting close to his client.

Minutes later, a Wallace Shipley fan asked, rather pointedly,

"Where's the ring?"

Without skipping a beat, Charlie replied with a good-natured laugh,

"In Fort Knox!"

People weren't standing in lines to see her, but once in a while, a look of recognition would cross someone's face, and Charlie would know, that they knew, who she was. She reminded herself that she HAD been on television yesterday, and that the attempted break-in and publicity over the engagement ring had publicized the story even more. Maybe, it wouldn't always be like this. As much as that thought comforted her, Charlie didn't count on it.

It was early evening by the time they reached the Overholt house back in Twin Yucca. To Charlie's relief, the news car was no longer there. Adam and Vera came out to meet them as the weary party unloaded the landrover of the shopping bags.

"So, you're finally back!" greeted Adam, taking Charlie's load from her. "By the number of bags, I don't have to ask if the outing was a success."

"You should have seen the crowds," groaned Charlie, with a weary smile. "I should have had my head examined for going on Thanksgiving weekend! Grandma," she said, turning to the old woman, "just wait until you see what we bought!"

"You can show me after dinner," replied Vera, as they filed into the house.
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