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"Could you ask Wallace Shipley to autograph this for me?" asked the fan.

"I'm sorry," said Shirley, politely, "but, he's busy right now."

With that, Shirley closed the door.

"What's this big news?" asked Adam, with a sigh, for he had hoped to spend this time with Charlie, instead of his sister.

"You'll never guess!" exclaimed Shirley, without skipping a beat. "We've found the perfect house for you and Charlie, right here, in Twin Yucca!"

"'We'?" repeated Adam, a little puzzled.

"Constance and I," answered Shirley, a little hesitantly. "Now, Adam, before you say that I shouldn't have enlisted her service, I'll remind you, that before she was your girlfriend, she was a real estate agent, first!"

Adam sighed heavily.

"It's a two story wood frame house," explained Shirley, "and it's only ten minutes from my house! It has two baths a master bedroom, and..." here she stopped.

By the expression on Adam's face, she could tell he wasn't in favor of the house.

"But," reasoned Shirley, "you haven't even seen it. Don't turn it down until you at least see it first!"

"Sis," replied Adam, firmly, "we can't stay in Twin Yucca. A mere change of address will not be enough! You saw that fan, just now. No, Charlie and I must change cities, maybe, even states. I don't know, as yet. But, one thing is certain, we can't live here."

"Charlie," Shirley appealed to her, "maybe you can reason with him!"

"It's no use," said Adam, before his sister had a chance to drag Charlie into the debate. "Charlie and I have already discussed this, and we agree."

"Could I at least send Constance over, and maybe she could make some suggestions?" pleaded Shirley, still unwilling to give up.

"I don't think that's a good idea," hesitated Adam. "Besides, I don't want to spend the rest of my vacation, discussing real estate."

"Oh!" exclaimed Shirley. "Sometimes, you can be so stubborn! This is for your own good, if you could only see that! Why, besides Thomas and I, the boys are your only other immediate family!"

"That's something I intend to change next summer," smiled Adam. "Please, Sis, this really isn't a good time."

"Very well," sighed Shirley, getting up to leave, "but I'm not finished with this discussion."

"Good-bye!" Adam waved with a smile, as Shirley exited the door. "At last!" he sighed, after she had left. "I'm afraid Charlie, you're probably going to have to face Constance. Shirley seems determined to bring her into the picture."

"If you ask me," sighed Charlie, "I'm getting the raw end of the deal! All you have to face are several thousand fans-- I have to face your old girlfriend!"

Adam chuckled and leaned back on the couch.

"I'm not going to have time to go house hunting," he warned her. "December is booked solid, and every month after until July is really going to keep me busy. We could get married, and look for a house afterward, or, you can be the one to choose the house. I'm afraid that that might put too much pressure on you, though."

"You'd let me choose it?" asked Charlie, in surprise.

"Well, I would like to approve the house first, but I won't have time to go look at it, myself. Just send the information on to Bill, and he'll get it in front of me when I have the time. I'm willing to live wherever you want-- as long as I'm living with you," said Adam.

"It would be nice to go home to our new house after the honeymoon, wouldn't it?" smiled Charlie, dreamily.

As Charlie was still contemplating this thought, Adam had an idea that made him smile broadly.
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