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Kevin leaned forward and read the sign posted beside the structure.

"Bridge load limit twenty-five," he read.

"That doesn't mean us, does it, Uncle Adam?" asked Chad, a little concerned.

"Twenty-five tons is fifty thousand pounds," answered the musician, quickly doing the math in his head. "We're well under that."

As the landrover made it's way effortlessly over the old historic bridge, everyone enjoyed the panoramic views from their windows. Tall green trees curtained the banks of the river, while a light misty fog began to roll in, giving the river an almost dreamlike pale.

"It's so beautiful," breathed Charlie, as the landrover finally reached the other side.

A little further down the road reconnected them with the main highway once more. On and on they drove, while Chad watched out his window at the passing wilderness he had read so much about.

"Let's play a game," suggested Adam.

"Oh no," came a groan from the back seat.

"I heard that, young man," replied Adam, giving the boy a laughing glance in the rear view mirror. "The rules of the game are simple. Whoever spots the most wildlife by dinnertime, gets to pick the restaurant. Charlie, would you keep score?"

"Okay," she laughed, "I'll humor you."

Chad looked over at Kevin and smiled.

"By now, you're probably ready to get out and hitchhike your way back home," the boy laughed.

"Your uncle's not so bad," smiled the man, pleasantly.

Adam quickly started the game off by spotting a rabbit that had been run over in the middle of the road. Charlie pointed out that since the poor creature wasn't alive, it could hardly qualify as "wildlife." After taking it to a vote, (at Adam's request), the rabbit was summarily disqualified.

"Even I could do better than that," laughed Chad.

"I dare you," challenged Adam, happy to see the boy in better spirits.

A few miles later, Kevin spotted a wolf standing beside the road.

"That's one for Kevin," announced Charlie, marking the notepad with a single hack mark.

After passing through Fort St. John, they arrived on the banks of Peace Island Park, where they intended to stop and make camp for the rest of the day and move on the next morning. With so much wilderness, everyone was surprised that the wildlife score still stood at one wolf. Adam joked that if they could count roadkill, the score would be a little higher.

"That's such a shame," sighed Charlie, shaking her head in dismay.

"It sure is," replied Adam. "Kevin and I would be tied right now."

"I'm not talking about the game," explained Charlie, pointing to a sign bearing the name of the park. "Just look at that. Someone shot holes in it just for fun!"

"I've been seeing a lot of that," remarked Adam, soberly.

Chad got out of the car while Adam went and paid the caretaker the small fee for their campsite. Kevin unloaded their camping gear while Charlie started to pitch the first of two large tents.
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