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"The LAPD has arrested a woman who says she's part of a plot to kidnap Charlie," said Adam, reluctantly. "They don't know if it's true or not, so we need to be a little more careful."

Chad furrowed his eyebrows and stared into the fire.

"Does anyone want more coffee?" offered the young woman, the pot trembling a little in her hand.

Adam took the coffeepot from her and put his arms around Charlie.

"We're in God's hands," he comforted her.

"As long as we're camping outdoors," recommended Kevin, thoughtfully, "I'd like someone to stay awake while the others sleep. We could take turns keeping watch. I'd feel easier if we had an open pair of eyes in the camp at all times."

"Let's just go stay at a hotel," sighed Charlie, "so everyone can get a full night's sleep. It's not worth it, Adam."

Adam looked to Kevin and Chad, who both nodded in agreement.

"Let's pack up, then," he sighed, dumping the rest of his coffee onto the campfire.

"Are you scared, Aunt Charlie?" asked the boy.

"A little," admitted Charlie, "but that's the time I pray the hardest."

As Adam and Charlie took down the unused tents, Chad went over and talked to Kevin.

"How much danger do you think Aunt Charlie is in, Kevin?" asked the boy, his blue eyes flashing concern.

"With people who are in the public eye, you're bound to get one or two threats," replied Kevin, trying to downplay the level of danger.

"In other words," surmised Chad, "you don't know."

"I promise you," said Kevin seriously, "I won't sleep on the job. Your aunt's safety is my highest priority."

"Do you think we should go home?" wondered the boy.

"Right now," replied the bodyguard, "I'd say we're safer here than in Southern California. No one-- but a few friends and family members-- knows where we are, so as long as we can keep Mr. and Mrs. Clark from being recognized once too often, I think we'll be all right."

"You and I should sit in the front seat," declared Chad, resolutely. "Uncle Adam and Aunt Charlie should stay in the back and let us take care of them."

Kevin smiled and tossed an unrolled sleeping bag to the eleven year old.

As the group prepared to get into the landrover, Chad informed his uncle of the change in seating arrangements.

"When did this happen?" asked Adam.

"The minute someone recognizes you or Aunt Charlie," explained Chad, sounding very authoritative, "then we have to go home. Now, hand over the car keys and let Kevin drive."

"All right," conceded Adam, unwilling to endanger the safety of anyone in their party simply because he wanted to be the one to drive.

Since their camping schedule was shortened, it was decided that they should press on to Fort Nelson that same day. Fort Nelson was a small town located about three hundred miles from Dawson Creek, which marked mile zero of the Alaska Highway. Making sure they would have enough gasoline to make the drive, Kevin stopped at a gas station to top off their tank before heading off.

A few minutes later, Chad excitedly called out,

"Moose! I saw a moose!"
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