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He had been accurate in saying that it was small. The log cabin was hidden by several tall white spruce, and overlooked a gurgling stream which was just begging to be fished.

When Adam opened the door, they found one large room with a fireplace, and a small area on one side that looked as though it was intended to be the kitchen. A wooden ladder led to the loft above the room, where two single beds were located.

"The couch is supposed to fold out into a bed," said Kevin, placing some of their luggage onto the long, worn sofa.

Charlie pictured her and Adam, cuddled on the sofa bed, while Kevin and Chad could watch them from their overhead view from the loft. She shuddered. It was too much to expect of a new bride!

Not needing to have the obvious pointed out to him, Adam apologized to Kevin.

"You and Chad will have to take the sofa," he informed the former Navy SEAL.

"I've slept on worse!" laughed Kevin, carrying up Adam and Charlie's bags to the loft, without being asked.

"Can we go fishing, Uncle Adam?" asked Chad, for he had seen the stream and how enticing the water looked.

"I thought you were hungry for dinner!" laughed Adam, ruffling the boy's blond hair. "Tomorrow, Chad. It's getting late, and everyone is tired." As he said this, Charlie tried to smother a yawn. It was nine o' clock, and the sky outside was finally changing color. Though it still looked like early evening, Charlie knew better than to believe her eyes.

While Kevin went to get their dinner, Charlie looked in vain for the bathroom.

"I believe it was that small building, outside," chuckled Adam.

"I've never seen an actual outhouse, before!" exclaimed Chad, eagerly.

"You can take the tour, after I'm finished with it," Charlie replied, with a small laugh. "I suppose it beats no bathroom at all. On the trail, you just dig a hole where no one can see you, and do your business."

Charlie disappeared out the front door with a roll of toilet paper in hand, just in case their "bathroom" didn't have any. Unwilling that she should be out there by herself, Adam waited by the outhouse until she reappeared.

"After smelling that place," she confessed, "I think I prefer digging a hole!"

Back inside, Charlie washed her hands in the sink, which was little more than a water pipe that fed into a basin. A large metal tub hung on a hook on the wall, and she realized that it was meant for anyone who wanted to take a bath. In a one room cabin with no walls, there would be little privacy for baths.

It was finally getting dark, so Charlie went outside to enjoy the sunset. Since it had rained earlier in the day, mosquitos surprised the young woman by coming out in full force, so that Charlie couldn't stand still without getting mobbed by the bloodsucking insects. Realizing that she was fighting a losing battle, Adam dragged her inside and made certain that all the windows and doors were shut.

"I've never seen so many mosquitos in all my life!" she exclaimed in wonder. "It sure was a beautiful view, though! Adam, you should come with me, and see it!"

"Sit down, and let me have a look at those mosquito bites," instructed Adam, after starting a fire in the fireplace to see by. "Charlie," he sighed, "just look at yourself! Why didn't you come inside, sooner? These things have bitten right through your clothing!"
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