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"It's not so bad," she shrugged, looking down at the small swelling bumps on her arms, as he rolled up the sleeves on her shirt.

"Chad," ordered Adam, "go get the calamine lotion out of my suitcase. I still have some left after the honeymoon."

Charlie sighed. It seemed as though she was always getting one thing or another-- to the point that Adam still had the calamine from her last disaster!

"Does it itch very much?" he asked, swatting a straggler that had hidden beneath the collar of her shirt. The small splatter of blood on her skin showed Adam that he had landed a direct hit at the insect.

"A little," she confessed, beginning to notice that her neck was becoming itchy as well.

Just then, Kevin returned with their dinner. When he saw Adam applying calamine to the bite marks on Charlie's arms, neck, and legs, he shook his head.

"That looks uncomfortable," he muttered, sympathetically.

While Kevin passed the food around, Chad was able to get a little of the lotion, for himself.

"Did you get bitten anywhere other than your legs?" asked Adam, with a patient sigh.

"No," Chad shook his head, "I came in when the bugs started swarming."

Charlie saw a laughing smile as Adam returned to her situation.

"Don't say it," she pleaded.

"Did the sunset mean that much to you?" he smiled, gently dabbing another swollen bite with the soothing lotion.

"It was wonderful," she whimpered, reaching up to scratch her neck. Adam quickly caught her hand and shook his head.

"Better not scratch," he cautioned.

There was no electricity in the one room cabin, so the only light they had, came from the fireplace. The warm coziness felt good, as Charlie said a prayer over her food and started in on her dinner. She had to be careful not to scratch, for if mosquito bites were anything like the measles, then scratching would only make the itching worse.

Even though the sun had only gone down an hour ago, it was late by the time everyone had eaten their dinner.

"Are you ready to go to bed?" Adam asked Charlie, as she picked up the calamine bottle and applied a little more lotion to her arm.

"I guess so," she sighed.

"If this couch doesn't fold out into a bed," said Kevin, as he pulled off the cushions, "I'll sleep on the floor and let Chad have the sofa." A battered mattress on a metal frame unfolded from the couch, its metal feet landing on the floor with a dull thud. Kevin looked at Chad and then sat down on the bed, to test it out.

"It'll do," he smiled.

Still dressed in his clothes, Chad climbed onto the wide bed and started to lie down when Adam called him back.

"Change into your pajamas," he told the boy.
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