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"How's it going under there?" asked Adam, poking his head below the covers. When she swatted at him to go away, the man laughed and got out of bed. He could dress wherever he wanted.

"Good morning!" greeted Kevin, when he saw Adam climbing down the ladder from the loft to the main room. "I went out and brought back some breakfast for everyone," he explained, handing Adam a hot egg and bacon, English muffin.

"You've been pretty handy," Adam acknowledged gratefully. "Everyone should bring their bodyguard, when they go camping!"

Kevin laughed as Chad showed his uncle the fishing rod he was going to use that day.

"When's Aunt Charlie coming down?" asked the boy, for he was eager to go outside and fish. "I hope she didn't go back to sleep after you and she talked, this morning!"

"You could hear us?" asked Adam, in surprise. He was suddenly thankful that he and his pretty wife hadn't been intimate the night before.

"I couldn't make out the words very well," shrugged Chad, busily playing with the curious looking flies in the tackle box they had bought in Dawson Creek.

Adam cleared his throat, and noticed that Kevin was trying to act as though he hadn't noticed what Chad had just said. The musician guessed that Kevin had heard the same things that the boy had overheard, and didn't want to make Adam feel uncomfortable by admitting it. Making a mental note not to tell Charlie, Adam accepted a styrofoam cup of hot coffee from Kevin, and looked out the window at the deep blue sky.

"You can't get a view like that in the Mojave," mused Adam. As he said this, his attention was distracted by Charlie's slender form, coming down the ladder. As he intently watched her, a pleased smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. Charlie wasn't wearing anything out of the ordinary, but she had let her wavy brown hair fall about her shoulders, instead of pulling it back into a ponytail, as she had been doing on their trip. Quietly admiring her over his cup of coffee, Adam watched as Charlie tucked in a loose corner of her shirt before joining them.

"Aunt Charlie!" exclaimed the boy, excitedly, "can we go fishing, now?"

This comment broke in on Adam's reverie, and he quickly interceded for Charlie.

"Wait until she's had a chance to eat something, Chad!" he laughed.

After Kevin handed his client an English muffin (without the bacon) and a cup of hot coffee, Charlie found a place on the sofa and prayed over her breakfast. When she looked up, she saw Chad waiting for her with fishing rod in hand.

"I'll hurry," she promised the boy.

Before Adam would let Charlie outside, he pulled out a bottle of bug repellent, and gently rubbed it into her arms and neck.

"Chad," he warned the boy, who was trying to edge toward the door, unnoticed, "you're next, so get over here."

"Aw, Uncle Adam," complained Chad, "do I have to?"

"Yes!" came the adamant reply.
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