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After Adam had applied some repellent on his own skin, he handed off the bottle to Kevin, who accepted it gratefully.

A bright Alaska sun shone on the group, as they headed out to the stream behind the cabin. Thankfully, the small party was alone. This was why they were putting up with no plumbing and electricity. Privacy was hard to come by, and Adam knew how to recognize its worth whenever he was blessed enough to find it.

To Charlie's amusement, the boys weren't as helpless at fishing as she had been led to believe. While Adam had never fished in a stream, he was handy enough with the fishing rod to prove to Charlie that he was no novice.

Charlie wasn't as surprised to find that Kevin needed no help, for as he reeled in another catch, she suspected that he would probably still be landing fish-- with or without a fishing rod.

The most eager and inexperienced member of their party was Chad. But Charlie quickly discovered that she only needed to give him a few helpful pointers, and the boy was able to figure out the rest for himself. He seemed to be soaking up the outdoors through every pore of his being, and for the first real time since learning of his father's indiscretions, he was actually having a good time.

"Watch your footing," Charlie warned him, as the boy waded into the stream a little further with his fishing rod. "Those rocks are slippery, Chad!"

With his pole draped over one shoulder, Adam sauntered to where Charlie was fishing, and grinned happily in Chad's direction.

"Thanks for agreeing to this trip," he sighed contentedly. "I think Chad needed this."

"I'm grateful he can finally do some fishing," replied Charlie. "This cabin was a good idea, Adam. I haven't seen anyone else out here all morning."

As the words left her mouth, Charlie was surprised to hear the sound of people in the distance. Puzzled, she looked in the direction that the voices were coming from.

"I hear them," said Adam, quickly glancing back at the cabin to see if they could go inside without being seen.

Before the famous musician could act, a man with two teenage boys and a young girl, appeared around the bend of the stream, each toting a fishing pole.

"Hello!" shouted the man, with a wave.

Immediately, Kevin abandoned his fishing rod and quickly made his way to Charlie's side. With cautious eyes, her bodyguard looked the strangers over.

"Howdy!" called back Adam, returning the man's friendly greeting. "Good day to go fishing!"

"It certainly is!" the man nodded with an amiable smile. "Would you mind if we joined you? There's not many good places to fish, downstream."

Adam flashed Kevin a cautious glance, but turned back to the stranger with a consenting nod. This stream wasn't private property, and there was little he could do to stop them, without exciting curiosity.

"There's plenty of room," said Adam.
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