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"It's almost breakfast time," the boy stammered, his attention riveted to two curious piles of pajamas on the floor. Then Chad looked at his bare chested uncle and the concealed form huddled beside him in bed. Suddenly, Chad's eyes grew as wide as saucers.

"NOW!" demanded Adam.

With a hurried nod, Chad did as he was told.

The door closed with a loud "Thump!" and Charlie heard Adam muttering something that she couldn't make out. When Charlie didn't respond, Adam spoke a little louder.

"You can come out," he repeated himself. "Chad's gone."

Charlie cautiously peered out from under the sheets, her hands slightly trembling.

"That boy!" sighed his uncle. "Mike told me that he had a hard time remembering to knock, but I guess I didn't take him seriously enough. Well, I don't know about you, but that was enough to wake me up!" Adam scratched his head and yawned, but when Charlie remained hidden and silent beneath the covers, he grew concerned. "Are you still under there?" he joked. When she didn't respond, Adam lifted the edge of her sheet and peered inside. Then he saw the tears welling up in Charlie's eyes, and had compassion on her. Tenderly drawing her into his arms, Adam tried to comfort his wife. "Now there," he soothed her, "it's nothing to cry over, Charlie-girl. He didn't see anything."

"He didn't have to!" she cried.

Adam noticed the nightclothes on the bedroom floor, and suddenly realized what she had meant.

"Chad's family," Adam reasoned, his own voice sounding a little shaken. "Try to look at the bright side, Charlie. At least it wasn't the paparazzi!"

At this, she choked back a laughing sob.

"It could have been worse," he consoled her, wiping away her tears with his hand.

With a timid nod, Charlie hid in his strong arms until she found the courage to face the world again.

"This reminds me," said Adam, "I have another apology to make."

"For not locking the door?"

"No," Adam chuckled softly, "this is another offense. I'm sorry I laughed at you, last night," he apologized. "I never meant to hurt your feelings."

"I know," she smiled through her tears. "That's why I didn't hold it against you."

"I promise," Adam breathed softly, "to take better care of you." His lips claimed hers, and for a while they contented themselves with each other. All too soon, the sounds of someone moving about in the hall, quickly brought them back to their senses.

"I'm not getting out of bed to dress," she whispered in a hushed voice, "until you lock the door!"

With a kind smile, Adam nodded in understanding.
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