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Groaning, Adam tossed aside his napkin. Vera didn't know what was going on, but by the way Adam looked just now, she knew it was something. The grandmother decided that unless he asked for her advice, it would probably be best to mind her own business. So Vera retreated to her recliner in the second living room to knit, while Chuck watched television.

After several minutes of reflection at the table, Adam pushed back his chair and got to his feet.

"I haven't been insistent enough," he muttered to himself. Adam tramped to the door in newfound resolve, but found himself hesitating at the last minute. "I could wait until bedtime, before she falls asleep," he reasoned. "Surely, there's no need to take her away from her work, right now." Undecided, Adam stepped outside, and into a seeming beehive of swarming workers-- all doing their jobs at the direction of Beppe and Charlie. Heavy construction equipment was everywhere, and Adam found himself watching a backhoe as it dug it's teeth into the hard ground, and dug out several bucketfuls of dirt and rock.

"What's that hole for?" Adam wondered. Just then, he heard someone holler, and realized that he was in the way of a pickup truck as it made it's way through the busy scene.

"Get out of the way!" the driver impatiently shouted at him.

Adam quickly stepped out of the way, and searched the moving hard hats for Charlie's long brown mane. He found it among a group of burly men, as they looked over a large set of blueprints that were unrolled on the hood of someone's truck. His pretty wife was surrounded by suntanned, well-muscled men-- some of whom looked to be only a few years older than herself. They would smile at Charlie, and some would linger on her face longer than Adam thought necessary for a normal conversation to require. Something crept over him, and at first, he thought it was concern, or perhaps annoyance that so many of the younger men should huddle around Charlie so closely. But, he had to admit that no one was touching her or doing anything very out of the ordinary. Could it just be his imagination? Then why was his jaw set on edge? Adam had no easy answer.

Feeling strangely out of place, Adam returned to the mobile home without ever speaking to Charlie. She was clearly busy, and he suddenly decided that he needed to get back to work. Trying to get his mind off the disturbing thoughts that were beginning to stir within him, the musician slid behind his precious piano and stared blankly at the keys.

When the crew dispersed later that day, Charlie went inside for the dinner her grandmother was preparing. While Vera set the small table, Charlie discovered Adam sitting on the couch with Chuck, watching a program, that most likely, neither of them really wanted to see. With a smile, Adam noticed her dust covered form and dirt streaked face, as she paused to see what they were watching. He couldn't help thinking, that even then, Charlie was beautiful to behold.

"How was your day?" he inquired, getting up and going to her with the television remote in hand.

"Okay, I guess," shrugged Charlie, her eyes half awake. "We've finished a lot, but there's still so much left to do." She gladly accepted the arms that Adam offered her, but soon realized that she was getting him dirty.

"I don't mind," he quickly assured her.

"I'll be so glad when the work is finished," she sighed, contentedly resting her head against his shoulder.

Silently reveling in Charlie's arms, Adam's hands moved to her back as he held her even closer. In fact, he was hugging her so tightly, that when Charlie felt something hard pressing into her ribs, she winced in pain.

"Sorry," apologized Adam, showing her the object still in his hand. "It's just the remote control."

"I see you've been busy... in your own way," she smiled, her white teeth contrasting against her dirty face.
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