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"Melvin's not here?" she gulped.

Adam saw the apprehension on Charlie's face and knew she had been counting on the expertise of his publicist to prepare her for the interview. Melvin's absence was a blow, but Adam could guess what was holding him up; he was grateful that his good friend was doing his best to stay on top of the situation developing in California.

Not wanting to elaborate further on Melvin, Bill ushered Adam and his entourage into an awaiting vehicle.

Though it had been publicized by Norman Jones that Adam and Charlie were going to be interviewed that day, the hotel they would be staying at had not been released to the press. Because of this, Adam had hoped they would be able to check in without any fanfare. It was not to be. To everyone's surprise, they were greeted by a news crew who had found out where the famous musician and his wife were going to stay.

"Kevin," Adam ordered the bodyguard, "hurry and get Charlie inside. Don't stop for anyone or anything."

A little bewildered at the urgency in Adam's voice, Charlie was quickly shuttled out the passenger door with Kevin firmly grasping her arm.

When Adam and Bill followed, a reporter shoved a microphone into Adam's face and began asking questions about the woman in California who had been arrested for plotting to kidnap Charlie. Thankfully, Kevin had did as Adam instructed, and Charlie was already inside the hotel when the reporters began their onslaught of questions.

Declining to make any comments, Adam and Bill soon joined Charlie and Kevin inside.

Adam gave Kevin a grateful smile and the bodyguard nodded. Kevin wasn't sure what was going on, but he guessed that it had to do with Charlie's safety.

"Let's get you settled in," said Bill, as the news crew threatened to enter the lobby of the hotel. To their relief, the hotel manager stood by the rotating glass doors, and refused them entrance.

When they reached the room Adam and Charlie would be staying, Adam directed Kevin to stay with Charlie while she unpacked.

"Don't let anyone in, but me or Bill," Adam charged the bodyguard in a low voice. "Not even for room service."

"You can count on me," Kevin assured him.

"And don't turn on the television," Adam whispered.

Puzzled by that last request, Kevin only nodded.

Immediately after Adam left with Bill, Kevin locked the hotel door while Charlie unpacked the outfit she was going to wear for the broadcast.

"You don't know how much courage it took for her to come," Adam sighed, as the two headed for Bill's hotel room to talk in private.

"But she'll have to know," argued Bill. "I can all but guarantee that Norman will bring it up during the interview."

"I thought the kidnapping plot was just a hoax from one of my crazy fans," sighed Adam. "I never expected anyone to actually be arrested! Thank God, we treated it seriously, and took extra precautions with Charlie's safety!"

"Adam, she's going to have to face this," Bill urged his client. "I know it's tough to handle, especially so soon before the interview, but it can't be helped."
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