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"I just wish it didn't have to be today-- of all days!" groaned Adam.

"We can't help the timing."

"I know," Adam nodded. "Melvin's in California?"

"Where else?" smiled Bill. "He'll call me before you and Charlie go live, and give a rundown of what's going on. He doesn't want you to sound uninformed during the interview."

"What time is Charlie's personal assistant showing up?" asked Adam, checking his watch.

Back in the hotel room, Kevin had pushed Charlie into the bathroom and was now standing beside the door, trying to get a most insistent woman to go away.

"I have an appointment with Charlotte Clark," the woman repeated in an annoyed voice. "My helpers will be here any minute to start fixing her hair! And I must get started on the facial, or we're going to be seriously behind schedule!"

"I'm sorry," Kevin remained adamant, "I won't let you in, without the express say-so of Mr. Clark."

"Very well," sighed the woman. "Where is he?"

"That's his business," came Kevin's sturdy answer. Even if he knew, (which he didn't), he wasn't about to divulge that information to someone he didn't know. After his employer's urgent instructions before leaving, there was no way that door was going to open for anyone but Adam or Bill.

Just as the woman was going to throw a tantrum, Kevin could hear Adam's voice as the two started talking outside the hotel door.

"Open up, Kevin," came Adam's smiling voice. "I apologize, Miss Dee," he continued, as the door cautiously opened and the two entered. "My wife's bodyguard was only doing as I instructed."

Dee gave the bodyguard in question a terse "Humph!" and immediately started in on her work with Charlie. Then the assistants to the personal assistant showed up, and the room teemed with activity. Adam could only smile, for all these people were here for Charlie. He was Wallace Shipley, but all he had to do for the interview was shower and change!

The first chance Adam found, he quietly drew Kevin aside and informed him of what was going on. Kevin took the news in stride, and was grateful for the update. He had to know the level of risk Charlie was in, to properly protect her.

Then room service arrived with a late lunch for the entire group. Adam still hadn't told Charlie, and was finding it difficult to do with so many strangers in the room.

Finally, about two hours before the big interview, Adam was able to request a few minutes alone with Charlie. Dee looked annoyed, but she could sense a large tip at the end of the day, and decided it was best to not offend someone so famous as Wallace Shipley. While the personal assistant, and her assistants, waited in the hall with Kevin, Adam sat Charlie down on the bed and pulled a chair across the room so he could face her while they spoke.

In spite of the seriousness of the situation, Adam fought the urge to laugh, for Charlie's face was covered in a bluish cream, and she looked anything but glamorous.

"I know," Charlie smiled good-naturedly, "I look ridiculous."
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