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Bill also put Adam through his paces by asking the litany of questions that Wallace Shipley usually received. Surprisingly, the famous musician didn't fare as well as Charlie. Adam had to fight not to become flustered by the questions Bill tested him with, and more than once, he asked for a minute to collect his thoughts before continuing.

"I've had enough," Adam finally muttered, getting up and going to the bathroom to splash some cold water on his face.

"I'd feel better if Melvin was here," Bill sighed to Charlie, as they watched Adam through the open door. "Adam's been interviewed before, but never under circumstances like these." Bill hesitated, wondering if he should be so open with his concerns in front of Charlie. After all, Charlie was nervous enough. "I'll be watching the interview from my hotel room," he smiled, trying to direct the conversation away from Adam's present state of mind. "There's little I can do by coming-- except get in the way." With an anxious check of his watch, Bill went downstairs to see if their transportation was ready to take them to the studio where Norman Jones was waiting.

Drying his face with a towel, Adam looked at himself in the mirror.

"Pull yourself together," he muttered under his breath. Then he saw Charlie's reflection as she waited for him by the bathroom door. She was smartly dressed in a solid blue dress suit with an attractive skirt that complimented her petite figure. A slender gold chain adorned her neck, and her hair was pulled away from her face in a stylish updo.

"Why didn't I notice sooner, how beautiful you look right now?" wondered Adam.

"You have a lot on your mind," she smiled understandingly. "Besides, I don't need a steady stream of compliments to know you love me."

"Careful," he cautioned her, "or I might take you into my arms." As Adam gazed at her, his playfulness slowly vanished. A distant look filled his eyes, and Charlie knew what he was thinking about. The empty grave that had been waiting for her in California.

"Are you ready to leave for the studio?" Adam washed his face one more time and waited for her reply.

"Are you?" she wondered.

"Don't worry about me," he smiled. "I've done this a thousand times."

Kevin escorted Adam and Charlie downstairs to the limousine that Norman Jones had sent for them.

"I'll be watching-- along with the rest of America," laughed Bill, as Adam helped Charlie inside the vehicle. "Remember to have a good time! See you after the show!"

Bill watched as the stretch limo pulled away, and silently prayed that the interview would go all right.

The novelty of riding in a limousine had no effect on Charlie, for she was too busy trying to remain calm to enjoy the plush luxury surrounding her. She struggled to recall what Bill had told her, and reminded herself of the last piece of advice he had given. Have a good time. Right. Like that was going to happen.

Just as Charlie was beginning to relax, the limousine stopped, and it was time to get out. Kevin followed them inside a large building and remained close by while a makeup artist inspected Dee's handiwork. Adam didn't seem surprised when the makeup artist applied something to his face to make him look more photogenic in front of the camera. Charlie thought this was completely unnecessary-- of course, her opinion was slightly biased.

One or two Wallace Shipley autographs later, they were taken to the next room. Charlie gulped as she recognized the black walls and large desk where Norman Jones was known for giving his interviews. Intimidating cameras stood nearby, while men and women with clipboards and headsets looked on as their guests were seated at the desk.
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