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"Welcome back, Wallace!" greeted a familiar voice, as Norman Jones stepped into the warm spotlights and took his place behind the desk. "Are you two ready? Mrs. Shipley, I'm happy to finally meet you." Norman extended a hand over the desk and Charlie accepted his welcome. "I'm glad you both decided to go through with the interview," he thanked them. "I understand this has been a difficult day, but we're expecting a lot of people to tune into this broadcast. You two are hot news right now."

Charlie searched for something witty-- or at least polite to say to this famous personality, but she came up completely blank. She didn't think this was a very good sign of things to come.

"Ready in four, three, two," said a man, and a light turned on above one of the cameras.

"Good evening," began Norman Jones. "Tonight, I'm joined by Wallace Shipley, and his wife, Charlotte, in their first televised interview together. As many of you probably already know, the LAPD and FBI held a joint news conference where a startling revelation into a plot to kidnap Charlotte was announced. Two people have been arrested, and one is being charged with conspiracy to commit murder." A news clip from the conference in California was aired for the viewers, and Adam and Charlie watched as it played.

"Linda Mae Allen and her boyfriend, Anthony Nelson Taylor," said a man that the caption said was a spokesman for the FBI, "were arrested and charged with one count of conspiracy to kidnap Charlotte Clark, wife of Wallace Shipley. In addition to the kidnapping charge, Mr. Taylor is also facing one count of conspiracy to commit murder. During our investigation, Miss Allen confessed that she and Mr. Taylor had planned to kidnap Mrs. Clark outside her home in Twin Yucca, and detain her for a ransom of ten million dollars. Miss Allen also admitted that she later learned her boyfriend never intended to release Mrs. Clark, even if a ransom was paid. It was Mr. Taylor's argument that it was too risky to let their hostage go, in case she should be able to later identify them. Before law enforcement apprehended Mr. Taylor, he had already prepared a grave site for Mrs. Clark..." the clip ended here, and Charlie could feel a shudder surging through her body.

"Wallace," began Norman Jones with a shake of his head, "I can't imagine what went through your mind when you heard this announcement."

"It was very difficult," admitted Adam. "I thank God those people were caught before they had a chance to go through with their plans. We're extremely grateful to the FBI and the LAPD for their work in this case."

Norman asked Adam a few more questions related to the kidnapping plot, and then Norman's attention turned to Charlotte.

"Can you tell our viewers what it's like to be the wife of such a public figure?" Norman leaned forward in his seat, curiosity etched in his face. "This has to be radically different than what you were used to. One day you're attending high school, and the next, you're Mrs. Wallace Shipley."

Charlie swallowed, said a quick prayer, and opened her mouth to reply.

"My life definitely changed when I met Wallace," she smiled, trying hard to remember to use Adam's stage name during the interview. "I'm still getting used to the fact that my husband is who he is. Sometimes, Wallace Shipley is bigger than life, and it's easy to lose your identity in all the media attention. But Adam-- I mean, Wallace," she quickly corrected herself, "knows who he is, and his feet are firmly planted. His head doesn't turn easily at flattery."

"For the viewers who don't already know," chuckled Norman, "Wallace Shipley's real name is Adam Clark. Charlotte," he continued, "you mentioned that Wallace has two lives-- public and private. How difficult has it been keeping the two separate?"

"It's very difficult when paparazzi lie in wait beside your bedroom window," Charlie sighed.

"Yes," said Norman, "I heard about that. The photographer was charged with trespassing, while trying to get a photo of you with Wallace. All that resulted was a nondescript picture of a blanket with something under it!"
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