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For a welcome change, there were no reporters or photographers waiting for them at the hotel. After Kevin escorted Charlie inside, he went to his room to quickly shower before packing the one duffel bag he had brought with him on the trip. After all, Adam was taking Charlie to an elegant restaurant, and Kevin knew he was expected to sit at their table so he could guard Charlie. It wouldn't do for him to start smelling at a time like that!

After Adam showered, he surrendered the bathroom to Charlie, who insisted that she had more need of it than he. Adam watched with some amusement as she carried her two bags into the bathroom and then returned for the exquisite evening dress Dee had chosen. By the looks of it, Charlie easily guessed that it had cost a lot of money. She had thought it was more extravagant than the occasion required, but by the great ardor expressed on Adam's face right now, Charlie was beginning to think otherwise.

"Don't take too long in there," he grinned.

With a laugh, Charlie disappeared into the bathroom to get ready for their date. Five minutes later, Adam finished dressing and looked himself over in the mirror. He had been hoping to coax Charlie into this outing, and had prepared for the possibility by secretly bringing his tuxedo. In fact, Adam had even made sure Kevin came prepared, and instructed him to bring formal attire "just in case."

"How's it coming?" Adam called to her. "Bill had a difficult time getting those last minute reservations, and I don't want them giving our table to someone else because we're late."

"Hold on," she responded, opening the bathroom door and hurrying into a pair of matching high heels. "I'm almost ready."

After stepping back to get a better look at his beautiful wife, Adam whistled in admiration. She was pleasingly dressed in a dark green evening gown, that gently scooped below her neckline and tapered into delicate straps over her shoulders. Charlie fastened gold earrings behind her ears and suddenly noticed that Adam was looking very striking in a black tuxedo.

"Did you go shopping while we were here?" she laughed, only half joking. "Where did the tux come from?"

"Oh, this?" shrugged Adam. "Why, I always carry a spare tuxedo with me." Adam said this with a completely serious face, but Charlie instantly knew he was teasing. "I was hoping we could do this," he admitted, quickly cracking under the pressure of Charlie's accusing smile.

"Oh, you were, were you?" she laughed, her face kindling with tenderness. Seizing the moment, Adam tried to take Charlie into his arms. Before she could warn him not to mess her hair, Bill knocked at their hotel door.

"Saved in the nick of time," she smiled, as Adam let his personal manager inside.

"I hope you both have a good time," Bill wished them well. He held his suitcase in one hand and shook Adam's hand with the other. "My flight takes off in half an hour, and I promised my wife I'd be on time for a change."

"You and Madeline are getting back together!" Charlie exclaimed with delight.

"She's giving me another chance," explained Bill, with a hint of caution in his voice. "I first have to prove that she's more important than my job."

"Making time for her will go a long way to prove that," Charlie assured him.

"It was a good interview," acknowledged Bill. "Adam finally loosened up, but you quickly hit your stride. Thank you for going through with it. I predict you've made a lot of Wallace Shipley's fans very happy."

"As long as Wallace is happy," laughed Charlie, "that's all I need to be satisfied!"

"Thanks for flying out here," Adam gratefully hugged his friend. "Say 'hello' to Madeline for us."
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