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Satisfied that his work there was done, Bill left the hotel, thankful that the day had gone as well as it had.

Just after Bill departed for the airport, Kevin arrived at the Clark's hotel door. When the former navy SEAL stepped into the room smartly dressed in a tuxedo, Charlie looked at Adam with an incriminating stare.

"Don't tell me Kevin always carries a spare tux, as well!"

Adam only grinned.

The men gathered their suitcases, for they were checking out of the hotel, and would go straight to the airfield, after dinner. Casting his eyes about the room to make sure they hadn't forgotten anything, Adam switched off the light and locked the door.

Then the group headed outside to their awaiting limousine, for Norman Jones had given them use of the vehicle for their entire stay. The driver hurried to open the door for Adam and his party, and smiled politely as they prepared to climb inside.

"Looks like we're in for some beautiful weather tonight," Adam smiled pleasantly at the man.

"Yes, Sir," he replied with a broad grin. "You've picked a good time to go out."

After everyone was seated inside, the driver climbed behind the wheel, and the limousine took off for their destination.

The smell of sweet perfume mingled with the mens' after-shave, giving a very dressed-up feel to the interior of the limousine. Charlie usually didn't wear perfume, but always carried a small bottle in her purse, in case of a formal emergency. She knew Adam would have had a field day with that bit of information-- especially after the hard time she had given him about the tuxedoes-- and wisely kept it to herself.

More than once, Adam inhaled the scent clinging to her, and followed it with a deep sigh of husbandly satisfaction. Charlie only hoped Kevin wasn't listening.

When the limousine came to a stop, Kevin kept a watchful eye for unwanted attention while Adam helped Charlie out of the vehicle. The driver pulled away, and found a parking spot where he would wait for his clients, until they were ready to leave.

A cool breeze fluttered Charlie's evening dress, as the doorman showed them inside the fancy restaurant. Adam was already beginning to be recognized, for when the maître d' showed them to their table, he called Adam, "Mr. Shipley," even though the reservation was in Adam's name. Thankfully, requesting autographs from guests was against the restaurant's policy.

"I've never been anywhere so fancy," Charlie whispered to Adam, as he pulled out her chair and found a seat beside her at their table.

Endeavoring to stay out of Adam and Charlie's way, Kevin sat down on the opposite side of the table and silently thanked Adam for warning him to bring his tuxedo. Nearly every man present was formally dressed, and Kevin knew he would have stuck out like a sore thumb, in only a suit and tie.

"Look, Charlie," Adam nodded his head toward the center of the large room. "This place has live piano!"

Charlie followed Adam's gaze to where a young man dressed in a tuxedo was seated before a grand piano. His face looked tired, and Charlie guessed that he had already had a long day. The people dining at their tables surrounding him, gave the young man very little attention, and the man looked as though he were used to being overlooked.
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